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06 October 2014


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I would like to see more civic programs that break down cultural, ethnic and other barriers that we are building around us because we are afraid or not comfortable with the next person.

POM city can be a better place, and should be.

The catch is to get everyone involved, mostly in a gainful capacity. That's a challenge!

The attitude thing...well that's something all of us need to work on, some more than others.

Denny, Port Moresby is better than Baghdad, Lagos, Bogotá and Karachi.

It is the attitude problem: throwing rubbish and defecating, spitting, graffiti, grabbing of handbags, ethnic groups not melting into the pot and the unplanned nature of the city that marks PNG down.

Caveat; don't carry any hand luggage, cameras or mobile phones around. Street kids will salivate to take it from you.

Apart from that, the people are friendly. They will want to shake hands, converse with you and share a cigarette.

PNG has the world's most beautiful land and seascapes outside of Port Moresby to offer to the world.

You are welcome!

Hey, folks I'm moving there in January from UK. Any advice?

Well..well..while the commentary is not far off the mark, it also ought to be remembered certain facts.

Rewind the clock 10 years back and what you do see now is not what was 10 years back. I must admit that POM today is far better than what was 10 years ago.

There is a general perception that attitudes have slightly changed for the better, while roads and infrastructure are slowing but surely taking shape, health and education services are slowing making an improvement, footpaths and flower gardens are beginning to make POM look beautiful, etc..

Give POM another 5 years and it surely will be the crown of the Pacific. .....and of course with Powes behind the drivers seat. "..We create the nest we roost in.."

Angra Dom, the fly-over, I assume is to push the human pests under the carpet so the pests can scavenge on the crumbs below while the fat cats soar unimpeded.

The highlands will be forested again since it will lose half of its population to Port Moresby once roads connect. Settlements will expand as far as Laloki and Bautama.

Some ethnic groups will lord over the others as is evident in Port Moresby now.

Buckle up for the worst!

Great analogy in this essay, terrific discussion, Angra Joe.

Port Moresby becomes the home of the country's economy and it directly discriminates wealthy from poor.

Port Moresby now becomes the home people with the tag "Ssrvival of the fittest".

Money is the solution to your survival in Port Moresby.

Sad for a Papua New Guinean to read this about their capital city.

Who knows what the future holds. I see shanty houses popping up on mountain sides around the city.

I just hope the highway from Morobe to POM doesn't cause more to worsen the city's image.

Well written bro Joe.

Thank you Sil for the interesting piece on the downside of Port Moresby.

On the upside, I truly think Port Moresby has improved its image a lot during the tenure of Powes Parkop as Governor and this includes his addressing of settlement issue.

Give him another 10 years and Port Moresby will be the capital of the Pacific.

Thank you Sil for this essay.

The horror and despair of Port Moresby has come to fore.

But we are getting a fly-over...

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