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05 October 2014


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This is a great loss to PNG

I have known Herman's humble beginnings at Kagua Admin Primary School in the 1980's where his father, Otto Mandui taught as a primary school teacher and mother Marriane Mandui was nurse at Kagua Health Centre.

Herman proceeded to Kagua High School and completed Grade 10. He lived out of Kagua Station where his parents worked and became a role model for many of us who lived on the station and in surrounding communities.

Every holiday he returned home from Senior High School and University to encourage and educate us on how we could reach the limits of reaching university education.

I and my brother Ezra Mipurasi benefited from his coaching. He has left a legacy that is legendary for the people of Kagua where he was raised and educated.

Brother, rest in will be remembered forever.

Yes I can assert that the corrections are in order.

But that aside, Herman was a gentleman, and someone who was quick to acknowledge you if he knew you by name.

And a great loss also to the National Museum, his family and the country.

May his soul rest in peace.

Diane Mandui Mirio - I'd like to make a correction here. Apart from Herman, PNG has other archaeologists whom are: Dr. John Muke, Joe Mangi, Nick Araho, Alois Kuaso and Vincent Kewibu. At UPNG he was an undergraduate under the mentoring of Messers Muke and Mangi. Thanks again.

The passing of Hermann is very sad, and a great loss.

But I don't think it is correct to describe him as PNG’s only indigenous archaeologist.

You maybe are forgetting John Muke, formerly of UPNG. With a PhD from Cambridge. He conducted important work throughout PNG and trained many students and contributed to many publications.

Google his name and you will find more.


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