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07 October 2014


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All our good and well-meaning leaders are very quick to condemn such an attack on tourists and visitors then get back into a slumber.

All the leaders from the tourists destinations should now sit up and take notice - if more of such attacks happen, these provinces are likely to lose tourists or the visitors will be few in numbers.

It is time the leaders took some responsibility in providing a safe environment by funding and equipping the police personnel in those provinces. Just a suggestion.

Is it a curse or a wake-up call?

Michael - you may be right, but remember this. Billionaires like Stokes don't care much about the local environment as long as they can turn a buck. And certainly can't tolerate critics.

My friend Peter Kranz, I believe your comment is unfair and may be out of context.

Yes but to me another nail in the coffin to scare tourists away from some of our premier tourist destinations.

I saw it berthed over at Kranget Island and had no clue that it was a billionaire's boat. Yeah, like the Madang Resort was not good enough for him.

Do people travelling realise that when they travel they want to experience what that other place has. You should not travel with the expectation that what you have at home is what the other should have.

We in PNG have very little that can compare and they have to come here expecting rudimentary luxuries. Don't try bringing your comforts here because your comforts are dependent on other external factors, those external factors are not available here, like police and security.

It was a case of an opportunity presenting itself for our part-time opportunists.

Well cry me a river. A superyacht worth $50 million or so, owned by one of Australia's richest men (and owner of Channel 7) gets robbed of a few mobiles whilst slumming it in one or the world's most impoverished countries.

Give me a break.

How about Stokes stumping up for a few dialysis machines for PNG hospitals? Or is he too busy planning another series of Desperate Housewives?

Sympathy goes to those deprived of their possessions and deprived of enjoyment at their visit to the PNG coast.

Shines a beacon on outlaw opportunism and its capacity to inflict self-harm upon the body of law-abiding folk who are, far and away, the constituents of a yet poor nation.

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