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29 September 2014


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Thank you Phil for this post. Port Moresby is truly undergoing rapid infrastructure development and I am also seeing positive development in the behaviour and attitudes of people in general.

Slowly but surely Port Moresby is become a safer and a truly beautiful place to live in and we owe it to a strong government, a dynamic Governor and citizens in general.

Give POM another five years and it will be the talk of the Pacific. Cheers all.

If you get into a conversation with one of them, I guarantee you they tell you a lot stories that are not obvious to the naked eye.

Another captivating tale from the master story teller. Wagai kaima!

Rather than catch a taxi or a PMV into town from Kone, I would walk. It honestly was the safest option.

Although I would end up looking like a lobster and people would laugh and point from their cars and trucks.

The times I did get PMVs or taxis it was not great. Especially since I always seemed to hail the worst taxis in the world, with plywood/smashed windows and drunk drivers.

PMVs were no better, especially when men would hold my arm and whisper things to me (not that I could understand because they mumbled).

Glad to hear that things aren't as "wild west" as before.

Wailo Phil! I remember yellow taxi driver Dave (from Hagen) urging me to get a PNG wife. He would even introduce me to prospective candidates. I invited him to our wedding.

When he met Rose, he said, "I see you've taken my advice. And my sisters aren't as beautiful as her."


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