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27 August 2014


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Surely one answer for all types of resource projects should be that from the start the effected landowners receive shares in what is in fact their project.

A separate entity to be set up for each project not the multinational stock. So if that company is sold before first ore dug, first log exported or first litre oil pumped the landowners would share in enhanced value of their resource.

And they must once again be given shares by takeover company following same specific project setup.

Landowners to be elected to the board of their project company.

And always get social mapping completed before project allowed to start.

This way of dealing with landownes would perhaps stop companies like Lihir not paying dividend for first 10 years only on paper manipulated by beancounters.

"Porcine perks"...I like that Robin.

It would be challenging carving up that carcass.

For the gris pik we usually need a heirachy of accepted recipient names.

Then the cutting up is done by people of skill and good standing, watched by those of fair and firm mindedness.

Not too many of those men around these days.

Well, I'd say gas lights and public barbeque grills in every village along the line would be a good start. At least that way people could easily read the Croc anthology after a hard days work.

The metaphorical pig here is indeed without form till a tangible product of its utility is put to functional use by the groups with interest in its ownership.

Perhaps Mr Dom could be persuaded to take up the role of arbitrating an equitable division of porcine perks to the interested parties.

The developers were not signatories to the LBSA nor the BSA. Both sets of agreements were signed by the State and the landowners only. The BSA was signed at Kokopo, the LBSA agreements were signed in the specific licence areas.

This article is a good first step along the road to understanding the problem.

What the next steps should be are determining exactly what is the equivalent size of the 'metaphorical pig' the people of Hela are entitled to and exactly how will that be distributed and by whom?

These three questions will need the reported 'Wisdom of Solomon' to start finding some answers and I don't see anyone of the calibre of that reputable king anywhere on the horizon.

Whoever tries to fix the problem is going to have to have plenty of negotiating power and authority (read 'clout' - easy to say yet hard to establish), plenty of time to reach some sort of consensus with enough people involved(which there isn't) and a bloody big stick held in the background.

Still, there's never been a better time than to start to operate the safety valve and establish some 'bona fides' before the pressure cooker explodes.

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