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01 July 2014


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What we need Keith is some of the other churches speaking up "officially".

Anything else is a waste of time.

Fr. Giorgio has stated PNG's dilemma very clearly and concisely. PNG citizens deserve better than they are getting from their squabbling politicians.

There appear to be some - few perhaps, but some - in the police, the judiciary, the press, and the government who are trying to do an honest job. They should be encouraged, not harassed.

As for churches not speaking up, actually they do. Sometimes their message is cloaked in fiction or personal opinion, not speaking officially as the church, but because of the church.

I totally agree with Dr. Albert Schram's suggestions, although not new.

Stuff that appears on PNG Attitude seems to get picked up by all sorts of outlets.

Far be it for me to suggest a bigger workload for Keith (he's currently battling to deal with all the late Crocodile Prize entries) but it wouldn't hurt the other churches to do what you are doing Fr Giorgio.

Good and useful comment, as compared to overt religious preaching, is always welcomed by the enlightened reader, Christian and secular alike.

Well... Philip, I don't know what to say.

I understand the Churches in PNG are a bit behind in terms of social thinking and media liaising. They do a lot on the field but they are poor in communication.

Catholics in PNG are not much better off. Now they've got me part-time trying to do something. Just good that as a young priest in Italy I was forced to spend three years in a news room dealing with international issues and hitting (only with two fingers as I still do) one of those black old typewriters.

At 32 I learned some sort of English and moved to the Philippines. At 44, in 2003, I was in Alotau with the task, among others, of producing a diocesan newsletter in English.

A very old British Muslim convert journalist there was my first very precious mentor. Now at times I rely on Keith's kindness.

What eventually goes on our monthly print Catholic Reporter PNG is Keith's edited version. In fact I share with media and online the articles I manage to produce or receive from others.

Some are being picked up and I hope they do some good.

Going back to the Churches: the idea of a common press office or at least more frequent joint press releases is something we should work on. Thank you Philip for challenging us!

Well said Fr Giorgio, totally agree. Also agree with Albert Schram.

A question though. Where are the other churches in this debate? Why are they leaving it to the Catholics to make the running (again)?

The churches in PNG have great influence. They need to take these issues on board too.

I fully agree. The UNITECH students demonstrated through their actions they are tired of political interference in state institutions, and lack of transparency in their governance.

Learning from more mature democracies, PNG could consider introducing nationwide biometric voter registration to end habitual election irregularities, and a constitutional change introducing a two chamber system, in order to improve the quality of legislation.

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