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22 July 2014


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DSIPs have been politicised and parochially allocated for years, and the amount keeps getting larger and is now a whopping K10 million. A lot of money along for even one district or electorate to do something.

DSIP funds are one of the reasons why electioneering has emerged into a business scheme rather than an honourable career path by some to serve and maintain the dignity and integrity of public office.

Thanks Benjamin, I've been saying these things for years.

For example, the Education Department should be running the schools. They should be seeing that all schools have their infrastructure maintained. They should work within their budget. We don't expect luxury.

In the case of Keravat a few years back, Keravat was falling to bits, we appealed for help. Tiensten was Minister for Planning and he took over the Funds for maintaining schools and hospitals, during Somare's rule. He said the Department of Health and Education weren't doing their job.

He allocated K10 million but little was done. Wartoto was involved.The money just disappeared. Marape, the Minister for Education said the school was repaired. It wasn't. The Principal of Keravat said the work was not done. Wartoto threatened her. The school was closed. I finally got AUSAid to repair the school and it was opened as a School of Excellence. Now Tiensten is spending his time in prison.

Now we also saw a huge debacle with Passam. A lot of the money for the school went to "rebuy" the land it was on.

Now we have Brandi Secondary School rotting away. The poor students have no mess, the boy's dormitories and toilet block are in a Terrible state. The local MP Somare gave K300,000 to Sogeri the other day. He said he was not giving any more money to Brandi, in his electorate, as they wasted the last lot of money he gave them!

PNG is in chaos. They wouldn't now how to run a chook raffle!

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