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23 July 2014


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You have to be in it to find out the reality.Your view from the outside may be assumptions or hearsay. Who knows.

Divine healing is real. This is PNG and it is a Christian country. Cancer, TB, AIDS and addictions have been healed. Lives from bad to worse have been wonderfully changed and people are happy now.

A lot of hard evidences you will find if proper research is conducted in the Revival Fellowship.

There is no hard evidence that divine healing is real - KJ

Helen Samilo was an unfortunate victim of revival centre propaganda. She died as a indirect result of having AIDS due to the fact that she failed to follow normal procedure for victims of that disease.

She probably thought that due to prayer she was cured of her problem but the centre would not have directly told her she was healed.

Many people claim to have been healed in the centres but in actual fact were never sick, they had psychosomatic sickness - an imagined sickness never diagnosed by any medical doctor. They are asked to testify of their non existent sickness and how God healed them.

This gives them merit in the church and some prestige and give those who are really sick some hope of healing, when it's really all lies.

Basically they are encouraged to only say they are healed after their doctor tells them to stop seeking treatment (which in terminal cases never happens) but in a recoverable case would happen anyway.

This is flaunted as healing in most cases but the medical intervention seem to be forgotten in the claim of healing.

Bernard - you are right. I would go further and say it is manslaughter as there is a fair chance Helen would have lived if the anti-retroviral treatment has been continued.

"Helen's Story" was on EMTV a few years ago. It was moving and inspiring

I think it's high time criminal charges were brought against such people as the revivalists. They are no less than murderers.

Does this practice and the response by the pastor be considered as a form of euthanasia? Just thinking aloud...

John I like your comment, a deadly trend indeed.

The pastor had the audacity to use religious idealism to justify Helen's death as reflected in his statement: "She has been healed spiritually. She died physically, naturally. But spiritually she's right with the Lord".

Each and every human being has the right to live.

Churches should stick to praying over HIV & AIDS infected individuals, encourage and link the patients to health and other care givers within the locality.

Churches should not imprison HIV/AIDS infected individuals and feed them with prayer to the point where they see them die.

This is an outrageous crime against individuals who deserve better than a prayer. Hold the pastors accountable for the crime!

Helen Samilo was a great advocate for the fight againts HIV. She was well informed and quite well spoken and did awareness among the community.
But it is sad to know that she fell for the teachings of the revivalist.

Will be a dangerous trend if more people put blind faith into a teaching that has no scientific and practical evidence.

The Biblical healing that the Lord God refers to has a deeper and far more encompassing meaning.

Churches have a moral, ethical and God-given spiritual duty to preach the truth, not sugarcoating it to entice unsuspecting souls only for the numerical benefits.

God heals. Medication also heals. Love and support from family and friends also heal. Most of all having faith in yourself heals better.

We put all this together God, medication, family and most of all you (sick person) you have a better chance of living longer.

Hence it is not wise to reject medication, something God has blessed us with.

I was watching the news tonight and saw some PNG citizens wearing little clothing but full traditional head-dress and face paint at the AIDS Conference in Melbourne. They must have been freezing. Another was trying to speak to Bill Clinton. I doubt if he had much luck.

I'm glad the PNG people involved with HIV/AIDS education and treatment have sent representatives to this conference. I hope they will learn a lot to help PNG to combat this disease and control its spread.

Neither the revivalists nor the pastors shall proclaim healing. Believe in the Bible not the pastors for we are all subject to sin for we are earthly beings subject to evil deeds.

Revivalists use such religious philosophy to lure people and ill inform the victims to believe them. This is a cult philosophy and causes human lives to be lost.

Let us look at a vibrant, dynamic, spiritually orientated theology that will raise human faith to achieve God's grace and blessing.

Better thoughts works on a slow phase rather than too fast.

For those who believe in the miracle-working power of God - didn't God create us with intelligence and skill to apply science to find the right medicine and treatment?

After all Noah got busy and built an ark, he didn't just mope around praying for deliverance. So why the anti-science obsession?

To those who don't believe - is this any different from belief in sanguma (sorcery)? So call it for what it is.

In my opinion this self-proclaimed "religious" approach, whether it is inspired by traditional beliefs or revivalist movements, could be criminal in nature when it induces people to abandon or forgo anti-retroviral therapy.

So many People Living with HIV (PLHIV) who were placed on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) have recovered from opportunistic infections and their viral load was low to almost being free of HIV. They returned to work and lived their normal lives.

Then, these revivals came along and made a mess in the psyche of the PLHIV. They told them to forego ART and join the revival churches and be completely healed of HIV.

The consequences were detrimental; others were infected by opportunistic infections again and confined themselves to the sick bed, others returned to ART but have developed resistance to first line drugs.

Sero-positive couples infected each other due to high viral loads when put off ART and others died.

The problem is that the revival pastors are ignorant and lack proper information on HIV and the PLHIV are easily made to believe that there is imminent healing from joining the revivals.

PNG has enough HIV service providers funded by GoPNG and development partners to seek counselling and medication. Don't fall for bullshit from half-baked pastors and sects.

Pastors are not all well educated; See this link:

This is but one symptom of the search for hope midst a social system riven, as many others are, by varying levels of dysfunction and unsustainable expectations.

I guess the disease has confounded the ability of traditional healers so the search for a practical reality, a healing, is sought for in other directions.

The frantic optimism wrought by religous psychology is not limited to Revivalists. It is a phenomenon visible across a broad spectrum of "faiths."

As God has no grandchildren in the sense of every individual being personally accountable for receiving of His grace and mercy, the Biblical pattern of healing is also a much more objective vs subjective experience gained through personal encounter between the sick and the Saviour.

It is, I believe, problematic nigh unto dangerous when "faith" movements hijack what otherwise is a province of personal faith and relationship with The Living Lord.

The devil heals too.

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