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18 July 2014


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Like it more the second time around, with your responses, Pauline.

Un-severs, as you define, is perfect to me. Like un-learn and un-break, un-wound and completely un-ed.

Interesting to learn about Sinebomatu and Daria too, for which I vaguely recall being told stories.

I'm also reminded of the 'mysterious female' of Taoist philosophy and the female deity alter egos of Hindu mythology, Durga and Kali. And I sure am a fan of Mohini.

This is an exceptional work.

Thank you for your critique Michael. I was a Literature student, and a great lover of folklore, myths & legends - so I mention many goddesses whom I admire especially two Papua New Guinean goddesses (or mythical women) Sinebomatu from Milne Bay & Daria from the Sepik.

I created the word “un-severs” to indicate rejoining of the umbilical cord - I wanted to keep the word “sever” (but I negated it to capture the meaning I wanted to convey - not a ‘real’ word? But, hey, I’m a poet & I have artistic license ;-)).

This is one of my favourite poems, I read it to my sisters all the time.

I know many girls & young women who have told me they wished many times they’d been born a boy or had someone tell them that - that saddened & angered me - so it propelled me to write ‘Herstory’ to empower them ...just as it empowers me every time I read it.

Terrific and powerful stuff. A plausible dissertation of femininity.

Indeed her story is not his story...and perhaps to seek the opposite of is to search for neutrality; equilibrium: History is incomplete without Herstory.

Unsure about the 'un-severs'.

Like 'The perfect XX, not its deformed latter.'

Be nice to read some PNG examples in the mix.

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