The spirit of good governance: O’Neill’s credibility on the line
A rustling of leaves on a quiet day of farewell….

The Lonely Heart


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Inspired by homelessness. While some of us have everything we need in life, someone out there is suffering. So learn to be content and appreciate what you have.

The lonely heart sits in the silence and whispers into the thing air
A message only his heart carry’s
A message of one heart but with many voices
He looks to see if there’s anyone watching him
But all he sees is darkness, grief, pain and emptiness
His muscles shiver as his mind is bombarded with voices
Fear begins to take hold of his strength

Fear of love
Fear of confidence
Fear of faith
And fear of life

His heart weakens with brokenness
As in place of love hatred gains boundaries
Faces and words flash before him in memory
Of those who rejected him
Of those who looked down on him
They hover over his head like a thick black cloud
As he quickly hold back tears gushing out his weary and shadowed eyes

His heart beats faster as he fights his tormenting memories
A battle he finds himself losing every time
He shivers and shakes now that his body floods with sweat and dirt
He looks out for more air
Air that is fresh and refreshing
But again his environment is only filled with maggots, sewage and debris
He finds a way to comfort himself and looks for hope

He tries to stretch his feet to relax and keep calm with little courage
The sound of rats squeaking and nibbling become louder
And the snoring of his cuddled up neighbour becomes his company
He feels for his cardboard mat and folds his arms up against his chest
With one big sigh he leans backward and rest
Has he shuts his eyes tightly a tear rolls down his chilled face

This was the only comfort he knew
The only fair place he knew
And so he wondered off in peace
And this no one knows
No one hears 


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Robin Lillicrapp

A sad reality, eloquently discovered to us.

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