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15 May 2014


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Terry's experience with the Ford brought back a few memories.

I recall going round a sharp turn on a road outside Mt Hagen in 1968 in a Mini-Moke and discovering too late that the steering wheel wasn't responding.

I went straight ahead into a barat and ended up sitting in the back seat, mostly unscathed. Seems the Moke's steering wheel depended upon a single nut at the base of the column that had worked lose.

On another occasion I was crossing a bridge in one of those big military-look Izuzu 6x6 trucks with a water tank on the back full of trout fingerlings when the bridge collapsed.

Everyone on the back jumped clear while I rode the beast into the creek, again coming out largely unscathed.

The fingerlings all escaped and people tell me you can still catch brown trout in that creek.

Vehicle prangs were the poor cousins to the hair-raising escapades in aeroplanes but at the time just as frightening.

Michael Dom

I am really enjoying these old news stories - experienced writing or not, they hold the truth of the tale in them.

A more experienced journalist may not have seen the value of reporting these happenings.

Tisa Keith Jackson, you've been batting for 'national recognition' of one worthy PNG agenda or another for a long time now.

We'll definitely have to bestow you with a title - Grand PukPuk.

(That's the second time I've made that suggestion. Do I have a seconder?)

Happy to stick with the nomination. Attaining the next step sounds like work - KJ

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