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13 May 2014


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Kops, a Galkope was Governor of Simbu in the last government, and the road condition is still treacherous just like it was 20 years ago.

Now, the power has gone off our hands and I think shrubs will close in on the roads and parts of it will disappear through wear and tear.

Let's support the idea of Yaka to look within and embark on low or no cost activities to develop our place (community initiated with community resources).

By the way, a couple of council presidents have already got their second and third wives since their election victories including a new 5-door (Toyota land-cruiser) each from the Simbu Provincial government.

Reminds me of demonstrations I gave to authourities in Goroka in a past life.

A road building contractor in Qld by the name of Frost, had designed a light grader to mount upon A Ford 5000 model tractor.

The ford was quite a solid unit with weight and traction for the task due to its heavy rear end - no, I'm not talking about political figures.

Fitted with hydraulic features to allow for angling the blade, and also offsetting it to grade outside the vehicle footprint, rippers to break up hard ground, and large heavy front wheels to angle against the weight of graded aggregate, it was an inexpensive and practical means of repairing or creating rural roads.

To prove its utility, I dug out the driveway entrance to the engineer's residence in Kundiawa, and installed an Armco culvert.

Down at Henganofi, Kiap, Andy Brodie's little boy was so fascinated with the machine tied down on the back of my Nissan 6 tonner in Boroko Motor's livery, that unseen to his parents and me, climbed up on the big blue toy, saw a shiny silver key and turned it. Prior to this he had played with the hand throttle opening it to its fullest extent.

Andy, Meg, and I were inside enjoying "afternoon tea" when this prodigous roar of mechanical voice announced the success of the little fellows endeavours.

Andy's speed of departure from the "tea table" and flight to the tractor seat to recover the amazed toddler was worthy of Mentions in Despatches.

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