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16 March 2014


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Very sad to hear about Warwick. He was indeed all those things you have mentioned - a man in my mind and in a multitude of others truly worthy of respect.

He was hard working, calm, honourable, intelligent, fair and extremely loyal. As part of the team working with him at Parliament House we couldn't have asked for a better boss - he supported us and was a friend as well.

It was a honour working for him and a career highlight. I was always very proud to say I had worked with Warwick Parer - steadfast, had incredible wit, knew his stuff and was very well liked at Parliament House Canberra.

My thoughts are with his family at this time.

We are very saddened to hear of Warwick's passing. We are thinking of you all at this sad time. RIP

Kelly Family (neighbours in Victor Street).

Thinking of you at this sad time, Bruce and Sonya. Warwick sounded like a wonderful man.

Hon Warwick Parer's state funeral will be held in Brisbane tomorrow morning and PNG Attitude will be presenting a fascinating extract from his memoirs, which were published last year - KJ

Our 3MBJZ mob send our love and fondest memories to Kathi, Carolin, Helen, Martine, Sonya, Warwick, Rohan and Justin and their 26 grandchildren.

I am so glad I sat with Warwick and Kevin and my brother John plus Jennifer, Kathi etc at Liliana’s Christening just a few weeks back and experienced him still in fine form and fettle.

But I’m with you all especially next Friday in spirit and am glad that my brothers Bill and David and daughter Marta will represent the Stan and Rene family at Warwick’s farewell.

So Warwick is the latest to fall off the roost. He’s had a rich life from New Guinea with losing his dad Kevin, then back in Oz and off to Nudgee and later to the outside room by the laundry at 48 North Rd with us.

He was always a good companion in the home, and then in love with Kathi and setting up home in East Kew as their seven kids began arriving as he did his B.Com at UniMelb while smarting under dad’s regime at Stanford.

He and dad made a good partnership with NDTL and then hived off SXR to Philips as they wrestled with Uncle Leo. Warwick’s stint in politics was a roller coaster.

I remember when Bjelke Petersen anointed him dad said, ‘Warwick’s a good talker he will make a grand politician’.

Warwick was a real contributor from his days at Utah where he gave my mate Jim Walsh a job who’d just left the priest factory and went on to be IR Manager at Leighton’s.

Warwick’s always had a joy’d vive and a bit like the inn keeper Mr Butterworth in LotR and Mr. Barlyman the Narrator in the Canterbury Tales.

I can't help returning to my favourite poet and borrowing from Gerard Manly Hopkins:

Warwick is gone now
We have watched this mould of man, big-boned and hardy-handsome pining with fatal disorders
Sickness could not break him. Impatient he cursed at first, but mended being anointed and all
Ah well, God rest him all roads ever he offended! 

This seeing the sick endears them to us, us too it endears. 

His words taught comfort and touched our hearts
Now he is far from all his more boisterous years.

RIP and may all his extending family celebrate a life well lived to the fullest and lives on so wonderfully in his progeny.

A great family man. Loyal to all family, direct and extended.

Excelled with integrity, honour and humility in all fields of endeavour. Proud to have been his brother.

To his wife Kathy, whose love and support helped him along the pathway of his life, his children and grandchildren, who he adored, sincerest sympathy.

Yes Keith,as Sonya & Martine have said you have put it all together so neatly.
Many thanks indeed.Rob.

I am one of Warwick's daughters. This is a beautiful obituary. Thank you for this, Keith.

Dear Keith - I would like to thank you for your very well written obituary on my father Warwick. I am his third daughter. You captured his extraordinary life very well.

He will be sadly missed. Regards...

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