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08 March 2014


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I am beginning to think that Unitech's case is a blessing in disguise for PNG's higher education sector.

Race is one factor (Peter's point) but not the main one. I am inclined to argue that the oversight role which University Councils are supposed to play have not been effectively rendered.

The government should zoom in on the University Councils. I am fully aware that universities are meant to be independently functioning entities but if public funded universities are acting irresponsibly, there is reason for the government to intervene.

Peter - after leaving UPNG, I moved on to ANU for a short stint, and saw the brighter side of academic life. My 18 months with ANU was a very different experience altogether. I have now returned to PNG.

The UPNG IT service is nowhere near where it use to be during your time.

Orovu - where are you now? I remember you as an exceptional woman, so best of luck and good fortune to you.

After many years serving at UPNG as a member of the academic staff, I resigned with a very heavy heart from a job I was passionate about.

I realised then that the UPNG central administration was operating more like Waigani (the central government hub) with lots of empty promises for improving the students' learning environment as well as staff working conditions.

I chose not to be part of (apart from a few exceptional individuals) learned hypocrites.

Albert - it was common knowledge when I worked at UPNG that Unitech was headed for disaster due to let's say dubious management practices over many years (in Mistys days).

This was true for UPNG too. VC Les Eastcott and the bursar did their best to stamp out such practices at UPNG but were hounded out of office for doing so, at the behest of some vested interests with powerful political connections.

I remember hearing a politician (who is still in office) telling the protesting students, "Don't worry about the police, they're on our side. We'll get rid of these white men."

Race was used as a weapon to protect corruption. I hear this is happening at Unitech too.

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