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29 March 2014


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PNG people, we're all dumb fucks.

Instead of crying "corruption" we should be screaming "revolution".

Our current political leaders, with all their wily ways and bigheaded ideas, have no idea how to set this country back on course.

If they do - why aren't they doing it?

If they don't they wouldn't even recognise good advice if it walked right up and smacked them on their arses, never mind their faces.

The way he's carrying on, PM O'Neill is going to be the dearth of PNG.

Yes, what is the purpose of government?

From reading Paul Barker's analysis of the K1.7 billion Oil Search loan deal I feel it would be correct to say that the PNG government is a big time gambler!

I'm glad there is a Fiscal Responsibility Act and but I fear the levels of borrowing may not show fiscal responsibility.

This is probably another good example of Gary Juffa's "Greed".

For a government that has not been able to look after it health centres, schools, roads etc to be involved in big time gambling sets off alarm bells in my mind.

At this very moment the NDOH is not supplying enough medicines to the Health Centres around the country, it is not giving enough money to the doctors to do their job, and people are dying when they shouldn't! Twenty Million kina has been wasted by giving the contract to BPP.

The PNG Tenders Board seems to be a farce! Fancy wasting another K100 million when developing the Pacific Games Village.

No wonder the educated people, the working class, are crying out "Corruption".

What is Peter O'Neill doing? Is he gambling with PNG's government income? Doesn't he see there is risk involved? Shouldn't a government just try to work within its income and do the best it can with it for the good of the people?

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