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17 March 2014


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More on Sir Paliau Maloat's history can be heard from John Noan Kanawi from Baluan Island, Manus. Mr Kanawi was asked by Sir Paliau to resign from teaching back in the 70s to document and verify his religious and political ideologies in line with biblical histories. Being illiterate, he needed someone close to him to put pen on paper in recording of his words 'exactly as he says' hence leading to the creation of the 'Win Neisen Hamamas Department' (Win Neisen Choir).

As I understand it, Los Negros Island was so named by early Portuguese explorers, long before WWII. Manus peoples have a mix of Melanesian and Micronesian ancestry,and generally are lighter skinned than PNG mainlanders. The really dark peoples of PNG are from The Solomon group of Islands ( including Bougainville ) which is till politically linked to PNG. A relic of European colonial history.
I served as a Kiap in PNG 1964 to 1978 including on Baluan and on Bougainville

Interesting history,Phil. Could Los Negros Island be named after the American Negros soldiers who carried out the construction works? Remanants of the wartime constructions can still be seen everywhere on the island.

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