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15 March 2014


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Eviction should always be an option. The people of this settlement have had way too many chances given to them to better their lives and live as good neighbours with the surrounding communities.

No, they continue to thumb their noses at everybody including authority.

In fact, they have become more emboldened to the point of feeling invincible. I'd say, they have long overstayed their welcome and depleted any feeling of sympathy that has been extended their way time and time again.

If your house is infested with killer ants, you don't deal with the infestation by killing the few ants you find. The better strategy is to fumigate the house, kill the colony and put a stop to the breeding cycle.

Obed a possible research project for you.

I don't think the eviction reasoning will justify the cause. There is one way and that is the legal process of justice. Jail time for the youths responsible!

This sort of behavior is not new as it is common in all parts of the country and the world. And the process is known to the wide majority.

Eviction is not the correct avenue of resort in such a devastating period.
We all have to rationalize our options to make way for normalcy by considering the costs and benefits. If eviction was to be the result of this occurrence, this may cause an impingement in the provincial spending's on development projects which has already been budgeted.

Moreover, the people responsible affecting a few may even cause more disagreements and distortion to ultimatums or court orders.

It's time for NGOs, governmental bodies and the business community to work to together to bring about positive change in this community.

Eviction is not a proper approach to this uprising therefore, I suggest the concerned parties to follow the normal process of justice and hopefully after the whole process; create a law and order program(s) engaging the youths of that area to change their mindsets on crime and violence.

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