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06 February 2014


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Mrs Barbara Short

My best wishes and thoughts go out to all those involved in trying to lower the incidence of oral cancer in PNG. Having seen it at first hand I know it is the most horrible way to die.

Gregory Mainao was one of my top Geography students at Brandi High School, 1971-72 and I'm sure he has grown into a fine man and now has a very responsible job to try to solve this problem. Michael Sapuri, a former Keravat NHS graduate, is also a man who cares and even offered to visit me when I was battling my cancer.

We all have to take responsibility for looking after our bodies. If we know we are doing something that could harm our bodies with prolonged use, then we should stop it, or at least, minimise our use of the substance.

I've been fighting for better medicines for PNG but this is something that they can do for themselves, cut down their chewing of betel nut. Let the betel nut growers turn their betel nut plantations into fruit orchards - pawpaws, guava, soursop, bananas, pomelo, pineapples, muli, five corners, the list is endless.

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