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25 November 2013


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As a Lutheran Missionary's son, I remember the fear we all had that Indonesia would try to also claim Papua New Guinea wrongly, just as Indonesia wrongly claimed West New Guinea that had first declared its sovereignty and independence under Dutch colonialism.

The 1 May Indonesian military occupation of West New Guinea by President Sukarno was an illegal military occupation lead by a WWII Indonesian war criminal who aided the Japanese Imperial military invasion of the island of New Guinea and he was forced by the Allied Military Forces to surrender New Guinea with his boss the Emperor of Japan - "unconditionally".

Indonesian President Sukarno had no International legal claim to West New Guinea in 1961,1962,1963 or even in 1969 when Indonesia used its military to threaten 1,026 hand picked voters with death and torture if they dared to vote for the Independence their tribal members wanted by a predetermined majority population certified as fact in a 1967 US Embassy cabal/message to the US. Secretary of State.

The message indicated that an IndonesIan official confided to the US Ambassador that at least 97 percent of the Papuan Melanesian trIbes wanted independence.

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