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19 November 2013


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Phil, the key difference between what gets the politicians knickers-in-a-knot over Mark Davis is that, where Paul Barker is concerned, there is no money involved, i.e. INA are only a think-tank not a money-bank, like SDP.

Besides, it's palpably obvious, at the grassroots level anyway, that no bureaucrat in their right mind really listens to the INA. Otherwise we might actually be doing something to save PNG.

That brings to mind the new budget...

So were spending money we don't have and now it's a good time to talk about agriculture and tourism?

And the big question about pigs is...?

We'll see.

I wonder when Paul Barker will be kidnapped by the police, driven around Moresby and then delivered to Jacksons with a one way ticket to Cairns and nothing else.

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