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19 November 2013


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Is the most important man in PNG, who has resources more sufficient than enough to guarantee foolproof deals in writing, entitled to benefit of the doubt?

With all due respect, Bigman, yu pasim ai na sainim displa Manus asylum deal?

(Moreso when all around people were throwing their arms and legs in the air, didn't that give a hint or are we so used to ignoring even when the issues concern our livelihoods and security?).

Simply uncalled for. Fix it quickly. It's now or never. Poor citizens.

It is sad but I think the present PNG PM should take all the blame for that oversight. He was the soul negotiator of the deal.

For the PM to express surprise now means a lot of things. For one thing, he was not wise in the first place to go against the majority of PNG for a fairly represented voice when dealing on the matter with Australia.

I wonder if PMs could be classified 'security risks' to countries' futures if one-man decisions are many and shown to be continuing within a Westminster system of parliamentary democracy?

I bet it might a bit too late for some of our local businessman on the island who have lost out to foreign companies, but why am not surprised?

These asylum centre deals and subsequent further adjustments were all done in Australia with very little participation form the local MPs and people in the first place. The local people's voices were hardly noticed or heard.

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