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27 November 2013


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Barbara it is an interesting change that is happening all over the world. Thanks for sharing your experience

Francis this is one way of educating citizens so they can be competitive.

Excellent research, Bernard. You would have made a great detective.

How about also using your skills to study the PNG politicians who are involved in corrupt practices and making themselves very rich?

I live between Epping and Eastwood in Sydney and the whole area is gradually being taken over by Asians, especially Chinese and Koreans. Eastwood is full of Chinese restaurants and Chinese people from all over Sydney come here in the evenings to eat their traditional foods. The restaurants are full and they line up outside.

But I mainly shop at Coles supermarket at Epping and over the last year the Coles management has started to stock what the Chinese people want and you now see a lot of Chinese people shopping at Coles.

We are all trying to get the best deal for our dollar. The Chinese $2 shops which sell the lower quality goods are popular with the European Australians, like myself, but we realize that their goods may not last as long as the goods we used to manufacture ourselves in Australia. Sadly, Australian manufacturing has been hit hard by the high value of our dollar during the mining boom.

But I'm getting onto Australia's problems which are probably different from PNG's. I guess if these Chinese people are so gifted at commerce then leave them to it and let the educated PNG people get involved with the service industries - health and education etc. They used to say that the Chinese had become experts in commerce throughout SE Asia as where-ever they went they found it very hard to own land and become involved with farming. That may be about to change in Australia where I hear that Chinese people are starting to buy some of our large farms.

Bro, this is an interesting finding of chinese entrepreneurial culture which can help in shaping SMEs in PNG and also provide new insight into orthodox misperception of chinese in general.

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