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29 November 2013


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On the positive side of climate change, coffee has now beginning to produce almost throughout the year in the highlands instead of once a year in May-June period. Not only coffee but pandanuses, once seasonal crops are appearing to produce endlessly. Perhaps the ADB expert can look into potential future economic benefits of it.

So the Asian Development Bank is targeting PNG.

Ha! climate-proofing infrastructure is recommended. How? Not with Chinese made goods, surely!

At the moment Australians are dumping tons of Chinese toys as they are dangerous to children. We have also discovered that the trains made in China are full of asbestos which may have already entered the lungs of some train drivers and repair men who will now have to suffer mesothelioma.

Many of us check goods before we buy them to make certain that they were NOT made in China.

I would be careful with their fear-mongering.

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