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19 November 2013


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Vincent, I feel your only hopes at the moment lie with Task Force Sweep and Sam Koim and with the settling up of an Independent Commission Against Corruption which can investigate any allegations of corruption in a court situation with powers to set in motion the prosecution of any person who is found to be corrupt.

If the people who are leading this social media push can speak to the police and defence forces and get them to understand what types of corruption you believe are going on, then maybe you have a chance at organising a public rally.

If you get the Opposition members and Gary Juffa behind you, then that should also help.

Corruption is "very catching" and it is obvious that it is going on at all levels of the government and in private enterprise. It is becoming entrenched and the more entrenched it becomes the harder it will be to eradicate it.

If ASIO had been more aware of it over the previous 35 years you would think that Australia could have done more to stop it.

I doubt if "an independent competent authority from outside PNG" would be able to help you. I think the ICAC must be set up as soon as possible and do the job now. But it will take a long long time to hear all the cases that I've heard about already.

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