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Tumpusiong to Paruparu: a road of change for Avaipa

Juffa says leaders ‘harvest a garden not yet planted’


Gary JuffaTHE OUTSPOKEN GOVERNOR OF ORO province, Gary Juffa, has said all elected members of parliament should not feel comfortable so long as their districts need more government services.

Addressing a conference of engineers in Port Moresby, he criticised elected leaders for not doing enough for the majority of the population in rural areas.

Mr Juffa said the people face hardships and he as a leader always remembers this fact and why he was elected to represent the people of Oro.

He challenged other parliamentarians not to be comfortable and pretend that all is well for the people they represent.

"We as leaders have a lot to do,” he said. “We cannot sit down and be comfortable and imagine that all is well.”

“We cannot have our people to carry us on their back and put flowers on us and call us leaders. For what?”

“We are trying to harvest a garden that we have not yet planted,” Mr Juffa said.

A former bureaucrat himself, the governor said there is an urgent need for the public service machinery to be up graded.

“Since Independence in 1975, we have never upgraded our bureaucratic machinery,” he said.

“The rest of the world upgrades their bureaucrat machinery every two years and have made changes accordingly, and we’ve never done that.”


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Mrs Barbara Short

I just downloaded this comment from the Sepik Facebook blog in regard to teachers houses built by Arthur Somare (some were built and some never appeared - 2012) -

"Its a pattern in almost all building & construction contracts, nationwide!

A contract is awarded, a token job is done, and the remainder of the contracted money is applied to the MP's use!

The whole tendering & awarding of contracts needs to be reviewed.And there must be tight supervision and evaluation of the contracted work. Those Certificate of Compliance are as useless as Statutory Declarations forms!

We need honest MP's...its time for change!."

This is the sort of thing that probably happened at Keravat. We know how the contractor, Wartoto, sees it.(see Four Corners program).

Now we would like to hear it from the Minister of Planning's point of view, Paul Tiensten. What is his take on the disappearing millions? He was the one who awarded the contract to Wartoto.

Are the politicians still able to get away with millions in this way? I hope not. The East New Britain bureaucrats at the time of the Keravat corruption case could see what was happening and tried to stop it. Just ask the deputy Prime Minister.

I think it is more important for the bureaucrats and the politicians to get together and work out ways to stop any more corruption taking place in PNG.

Sam Koim could help you, I'm sure!

Joe Wasia

Yes, that's really true. More than 70% of our population are suffering in the rural and urban centres of Papua New Guinea.

I hope Juffa himself has done well over the last 14 months in parliament as Governor for Northern Province. He was a most successful bureaucrat and CEO of Customs before entering politics.

Many MPs talk too much and achieve very less in their electorate but, Gary, i hope he is doing well for his people. Thumps up.

Thanks for challenging other MPs.

Mrs Barbara Short

Yes, the National Parliament needs to work out "how things should be done".

The Member for Maprik has paid the outstanding university fees for the Maprik students at DVU Madang.He wants them to think about helping their home area when they graduate. Not such a bad idea.

Is this the way forward? But is this fair for the students whose MPs do not decide to give money to the students from their electorates to cover their university fees?

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