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A novel and a biography: Two new books by David Wall


Sepik Blu Longpela MurukSepik Blu Longpela Muruk [Kindle Edition] by David Andrew de Berigny Wall; Amazon, $2.00; Kindle: $2.00 (includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet); 168 pp

IN THE SECLUSION of pre-independent and post-independent Papua New Guinea, we find a group of expatriates, from an eclectic yet progressive Dutch priest to the money grabbing John Pietro.

Among them is James Ward, an Australian Malaria Control Officer in the East Sepik District where this story begins.

James Ward, in confronting his own values and those of the New Guineans, is on a humorous path of life, at once real and imagined.

Tortured by religious scruples and sexual desires, James's life becomes a trajectory of impulses and aspirations without lasting resolutions.

In this novel, the many personalities are scrutinised, as it were, in a fishbowl, exposing the traits and attributes that distinguish them in their frontier society. Some cope and endure, while others simply enjoy life. T

hey are at times like the haughty and elusive cassowary or muruk of the jungle; at other times, they are attractive and tender like the Sepik Blue orchid or Sepik Blu.

In the colonial Sepik District, many expatriates had an adventurous lifestyle in their personal relationships, and in implementing administration policies of justice, political education, health and commerce.

The expatriate legacy, for better or worse, is part of the history of Papua New Guinea. The characters of Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk are portraits of people formed by the time and place they lived in.

There are no easy answers to the complex question of the morality of colonial rule in the lives of many of the expatriates. For James Ward, he embarks on a quixotic adventure in early independent Papua New Guinea that spells out his kismet.


Jim Wall - An Australian LifeJim Wall - An Australian Life 1893-1965 [Kindle Edition] by David Andrew de Berigny Wall; Amazon, $1.00; Kindle: $1.00 (includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet); 83 pp

CARDINAL NEWMAN MAINTAINED: “It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say that he is one who never inflicts pain.”

To say that anyone fits entirely into this category is a tall order, but if one approaches it, my father, Jim Wall, did.

In a tribute to him after he died he was described as: “much loved and highly regarded for his gentlemanly qualities and his renowned skill as a medical practitioner.”

In the 72 years of his life he left a legacy to be proud of: a wife and family who revived him, communities grateful for what he had done, and friends who valued the affection he had for them.

Throughout his life he was guided by his Christian principles rather than by worldly ambitions and personal desires.

Peter Johnson CBE writes: “I know David Wall very well; unfortunately I never had the privilege of meeting the father of whom he often spoke.

“In his biography David brings to life the memory of a fine and respected doctor from a time of professional and family standards sadly passed.

“It is quietly told by a loving, admiring and respectful son who, perhaps like many of us, would like nostalgically to turn back the hands of the family clock.”


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