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27 July 2013


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Bob Drikori

So much has being said and highlighted in the media by all walks of life regarding Peter O`Neill`s deal between Kevin Rudd in reference to the asylum seekers and possible resettlement in Papua New Guinea.

I personally would also say that the deal was completely wrong, especially resettling asylum seekers in PNG soil. Kevin Rudd is very clever in luring Peter O`Neill with AusAid money.

I wondered why you as our Prime Minister of a sovereign nation of PNG gambled with Kevin Rudd who was actually on a campaign trail to have political score from the Australian people in a rush to have the asylum seekers deal signed and dump them in PNG soil rather than Australia?

These two Prime Ministers are creating a time bomb for Papua New Guineans and our generations to come. Very disgusting!

Jenny Homerang

There is something sinister about the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments colluding to make an economic deal on the plight of human beings.

The deal is immoral.

Francis Sina Nii

Why Decmil Group of Australia, when Peter O'Neill is all hyped up of creating businesses for PNG entites in the so-call asylum deal?

The K275 m construction work on the Manus detention center should have been awarded to a PNG company.

Is it another boomerang venture? What more boomerang venture is in the qeue in the whole deal? Ha ... what a laughing stock Peter O'Neill. I hope you are not used by Kevin Rudd in his political game.

Only time will reveal more of the ludicrousness of the whole deal.

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