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26 July 2013


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Stephen Schmidt

As a landowner from Porgera I know first hand the destruction of the land being cause by the mine and also the role that the company plays in causing confusion by promoting in-fighting among landowners by using "divide & rule" tactics.

While generally being in favour of the mining project, like most Porgerans we also have major issues that we feel Barrick has failed to address and has been constantly ducking and weaving and going to extreme lengths to avoid.

Some of the most urgent issues yet to be addressed by Barricks are: relocation of landowners from with the SML; burning of homes at Level 28 Adit area (Alipis garden) by Barrick; compensation to Kewai LOs for the destruction of land caused by the Kaiya waste dump.

Barrick has never come out to explain to the people of the SML its positions on these issues.

Alex Harris

Thanks Bill. Appreciate the sentiment.

I had heard a rumour of that too, and of who actually paid for Sandline. But could not find corroborating evidence so couldn't print that in my Rio controlled the government of PNG article.

But I did find proof that BCL/Rio used the toxic chemicals used in oil dispersant activities (like that used after oil spills such as the Exxon and BP disasters) in the flotation process.

Had to laugh at chairman Peter Taylor's interview with Gemima Garret (ABC) where he denied BCL ever mined gold or copper. We only mined a concentrate he said.

Indeed Peter, gold and copper concentrate.

These companies take the locals as fools and get away with murder because of it.

The mining projects are worth billions of dollars to the companies, and yet the government grants them ten year tax holidays, because ooh, they might not develop the mine if we don't. Trust me, they will.

The government of PNG allows riverine and deep sea tailings disposal for the same reason. But these projects would be highly profitable even with sound tailings management practices. It is just outright greed and arrogance on the part of the companies to not do so.

I find that to simply exemplify the disrespect these companies have for the people and environment of PNG, both of which are incredible in their rich diversity and beauty.

William Dunlop

Alex, Well spoken. My first sojourn in PNG was as an employee of Barclay Bro's at Panguna in Bougainville for 3 month's in 1969.

Bob Cush was the manager, later senior executive manager for the track construction of The Ghan railway in northern Australia.

Barclay was one of the contractors working for Bougainville Copper subsidiary CRA. Bechtel MKF was the major American contractor in overall charge.

I am wondering if the good people of Panguna are aware that, prior to the hydraulicking of the overburden in
1969 using high pressure water cannon, a defoliant was sprayed over the mine site.

I was told at the time that it was Diaxon going under
the name 'Agent Orange' that caused so much devastation in Vietnam.

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