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28 July 2013


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Robin Lillicrapp

Straight from the heart. well done: good thinking, good reading.

Peter Kranz

Scott Waidi has tweeted something interesting "Many PNGeans don't see themselves as "Pacific Islanders."

This is true, of maybe more than half of PNG. But what do they rest see themselves as? Not Indonesians or Australians for sure. Maybe Papua New Guineans? Is this the birth of a new national identity?

It has taken some time for PNG to meld itself into one nation state. Just watch a Kumuls match and you will see this is real, and powerful.

Papua New Guinea is a nation, and it's diverse peoples see themselves now as coming from one country, one nation, one land. This is not a PR stunt. It is how people feel.

I have no right to say this, but I can feel it from my PNG relatives and friends - and from my wife. She of all people has the right to claim to be a Papua New Guinean. Born in Goglme, raised in Kundiawa and Banz, brought to adulthood in Port Moresby; she proudly proclaims "I am a Papua New Guinea Meri!"

And so she is. And so are you all good people, man na meri, of the land of Papua New Guinea.

Rejoice and be proud of your country, and don't let it become subject to anyone else.

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