In defence of Kevin Rudd's Papua New Guinea solution
Applying Ockham’s razor to political myopia

Three new poems for PNG’s turbulent times


THREE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA’s published poets have questioned what has happened to the country they knew and to the dream that we held as a nation.

The recent times have been some of the most politically volatile. But perhaps these growing pains are necessary for us to question what we are doing and where we are going as a people.

The youthful years of fumbling along with a happy-go-lucky attitude must give way to careful thought and consideration of how we want to achieve our dreams and ambitions.

Our vision for the future is only as good as the people who believe in it and work together to achieve a better Papua New Guinea.

Tumbling Calamities


I can't get my head around all these
After a political coup we've had tumbling calamities
Controversy abounds, power-plays come faster
And we're rocked by disaster after another

We thought an SC decision will fix all, but PMNEC happened
We tried to handle that, and the Governors General happened
We tried to work that out, and the Police Commissioners happened
We tried to deal with that, and the floods happened

We tried to deal with the floods, and the land slipped
We tried to handle the slip, and the soldiers mutinied
We tried to work out the mutiny, but the ship had sunk
We tried to focus on the ship, and the CJ ran out of luck!

Lord knows what'll happen next!
Just watch the phone we'll know by text
Facebook'll break to us the news
Some storm of late, shall again rock our shores

We blinked, and our nation's changed
Landscapes-political social physical-rearranged
At the snap of some fingers; but who's fingers?
Among the people it's mostly hurt that lingers

We asked for, no we demanded, change
But we didn't bargain for this kind
And now here we are lost and deranged
Angry, mad, demanding one's faulty behind

No time to grieve, not even to anger
No time to rejoice, pleasure none, no glee
Hurting and lost, forever confused
Take one week for yet another cuppa tea

Ol' Pete crowned himself at an opportune time
For in these calamities he can truly shine
But a cloud hovers o'er his head
A crisis that I pray soon be fixed
What our Mama Lo says bout him and that seat

Pray tell what becomes of us all!
Does nature unleash its disapproval?
Have our sins and our leaders' folly
Brought wrath on this nation wholly?


Reality Bites


Alas my rose coloured glass
Smashed into a thousand pieces
The  thousand fragments scattered all over
No more  Technicolor dreams
No more rainbow painted view
Just  a darker shade of grey
Reality sure is stark

Alas my euphoric soul
Wrung dry of its living waters
No more butterfly swoops in the gut
No more adrenalin rushes and cascades
Only the upward surge of gall
Living the mouth burning
The foul breath lives to tell
Reality sure is bitter

Alas my bubble of dream
Popped in midair by invisible fingers
My fantasies hitched a ride with the passing wind
Leaving not a footprint neither a shadow
Not even a note
O clueless me
Tell me where has my dream gone?
To the wind - Please bring back my illusion


The Rain Tree


On the edge of this blue marble
I hear echoes of a poacher‘s hammer, planting a rain tree of steel and concrete
In a city with a new vision
Having felled trees of old, where life was worth life itself,
Where priceless was a rain drop, from nature’s bosom, trickling into streams of life
Where rivers used to sing with me, waltzing to the ocean

Oh you adulterous Nation! How long will you wander
Dancing under new reign - the money reign, waltzing to the banks
Appetising a poacher’s cocktail, of spiels and red beans
Just red beans

Oh Arise all you sons and daughters of the motherland
Lest you sleep now, only to wake in pool of beans,
Just red beans
In a rain tree of steel and concrete,
Where life, and all its promise, is nothing but plastic.


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Robin Lillicrapp

Straight from the heart. well done: good thinking, good reading.

Peter Kranz

Scott Waidi has tweeted something interesting "Many PNGeans don't see themselves as "Pacific Islanders."

This is true, of maybe more than half of PNG. But what do they rest see themselves as? Not Indonesians or Australians for sure. Maybe Papua New Guineans? Is this the birth of a new national identity?

It has taken some time for PNG to meld itself into one nation state. Just watch a Kumuls match and you will see this is real, and powerful.

Papua New Guinea is a nation, and it's diverse peoples see themselves now as coming from one country, one nation, one land. This is not a PR stunt. It is how people feel.

I have no right to say this, but I can feel it from my PNG relatives and friends - and from my wife. She of all people has the right to claim to be a Papua New Guinean. Born in Goglme, raised in Kundiawa and Banz, brought to adulthood in Port Moresby; she proudly proclaims "I am a Papua New Guinea Meri!"

And so she is. And so are you all good people, man na meri, of the land of Papua New Guinea.

Rejoice and be proud of your country, and don't let it become subject to anyone else.

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