PNG government improves disaster preparedness
Understand PNG – and know this plan is disastrous

Three debut poets: (2) Ephraim Toirima

Ephraim Toirima hears the voices of our ancestors calling to us in the midst of these turbulent times – Michael Dom

The Call of Our Ancestors

Listen closely to the call of our ancestors
the land and the sea as one resounding voice,
crying for our attention.

We live on this land without fear and doubt,
knowing liberty triumphs over all,
ripping the seeds of what they sow irrespective of the outcome.

They cry in suffering as the trees are gashed down,
how agonizing it may be as a mine is dug deep,
like a dagger through the heart,
tears drop as my home is torn apart.

When the moon meets the sky,
our ancestors come to life,
mother nature as it may seem comes to warn us of our deeds.

We gave you life so that you could thrive,
a natural source of fortune for now and forever,
yet you misuse your given right.

The sun comes up,
The spirit of this land vanishes,
our voice of caution fades away,
but scars of this avidity linger for eternity.

My ancestors slumber again with tears in their eyes,
their warning was in vain,
their home destroyed with the spirit of its vision robbed,
for the wealth turned us to fools.

The cries of the ancestors echo forever,
to guide us through the dark,
a spark to shine the path,
the great voice of mother nature,
the voice of our future.


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