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27 July 2013


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Peter Kranz

Deb - not fair. Robyn has a valid point to make. And I waited 8 hours at POMGH to get an x-ray for my wife only to be told the machine had broken down and there was no-one to fix it.

Yeah, all countries have their problems, but to deny them makes things worse.

Frank K Daosak

So what's the point of highlighting all the negative isolated incidents? You don't have to come back if all you want to write about is negative negative negative...

Manuel Hetzel

Oh yes, in the Good Old Says everything was better. For the chosen few!

We know that certain things don't work in PNG. What use is it to list them here again, as is done on a daily basis in country, yacht and whatever other expat clubs throughout PNG?

To me, whether PNG can actually deal with this task is secondary. The country has accepted many things from outside it didn't need and wasn't ready to deal with.

Take the meri blaus. Take the mines. Take LNG. Take the many expat "consultants" doing so much good (just, for whom?).

But I wonder why some people always need to portray PNG as a dysfunctional shithole. The list of great things in this country is so much longer than all of these pathetic listings of things that go wrong.

But making PNG look bad seems to be so fashionable that even O'Neill has now taken it up. As Susan Merrell put it: "[PNG] will now be known as a worse hell-hole than the world’s worst hell-holes." Well done.

Deb Dewberry

Yet another patronising expat. Give me strength. Go back to where you came from!

D Warriner

If Lae gets a new hospital its a good deal. My staff call it 50/50 that's your chances of leaving.

Francis Sina Nii

It may be true that situation on the ground may not be conducive for PNG to successfully implement the asylum deal.

However, elaborate use of hearsay and isolated incidents to portray PNG in that kind of manner to exemplify one's point is a total hogwash.

All of PNG is not the kind of trash that you painted.

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