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21 July 2013


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Michael Dom

Thank you Jeffrey Alphonse for this insight. God bless you and your family.

Phil - by comparison with Eremas Wartoto; well, sometimes the bad and the ugly reside in one person.

Unfortunately, this is not unique in more than a few so called 'big-men' of PNG - clever, connected and cunning = conmen.

On the other hand good working folk like Jeffrey Alphonse are a rare but under valued commodity.

Trade the former and he's quickly replaced.

Trade the latter and we're fucked.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Compare Jeffrey Alphonse to Eramus Wartoto.

What a contrast!

Samuel Moang

What an insight into the struggles of these wonderful people who sacrifies so much to serve others. I did not work exclusively in Laloki but at the PsychoSocial Tehabilitation Centre in Waigani and came across the hardships that both professionals and patients face everday. Thank you for this piece.

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