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16 April 2013


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I worked for Bob driving his tilt tray. He gave me a job when I couldn’t get one. I put a ding in it and his reaction was, “It’s OK mate could have happened to anyone in this business”.

I repossessed my first car with him at 10 at night, I was packing it but not Bob - super cool. He had a repo park his car the other side of the hedge and then boxed it in with cars in the driveway.

Bob crawled under the hedge with a hook and just dragged it through. So many stories, such a cool guy, so sad it ended like this. You were a great chapter in my life Bob, rest easy.

Bob Purdy was my best male friend of 25 years. When he never showed up to a rendezvous with my son and I in June last year in Ballarat, I called his mobile.

It was disconnected and I knew in my heart something was very wrong.

I googled his name and this is how I found out of his death...devastating. I will miss you until I die; you were the kindest most likeable larrikin I've ever had the privilege of meeting.

One year on I still miss you. I cannot find any information on the four who have been charged. What happened to the villains who perpetrated this monstrous act?

That's why mipla sa strongim death penalty na upla Australians sa tok nogat!

These people involved in the murder of Mr Businessman should face the "full force of the law" or else PNG is going to be ruled by gangsters.

Seriously these culprits should face the strong hands of the law.

I'am totally fricked out on what happened to Mr Purdy.

It's a total disgrace to us Papua New Guineans towards our foreign employers.

What will the Australians say about us. What a shame!

What a shameful thing PNG, it seems like we are heading backwards towards our colonial times. I'm saying this because the violence in this country PNG is becoming a major problem.

As for me, I regard it is a shameful, a disgrace and inhuman. Also I regard the culprits as the primitive and the most uncivilized animals on the land of New Guinea.

Therefore I hope our leaders do something about it.

Sad News and Bad Attitude in PNG

It is very sad news that the businessman from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Bob Purdy was dead instantly at Mount Hagen town by our local uncivilised people.

It is bad news about our people’s attitude to continue to create criminal activities.

Papua New Guinea is a developing country and we need to have a good relationship with such a vibrant businessmen in our country.

Indirectly we are putting a stop to foreign people to come to our country to do something great when they hear of this type of news happening in Papua New Guinea. They will have fear in them.

Government must look through these social crime issues and find solutions. Also people must use their God given brain to think ethically.

I've known and done business with Bob many years ago and we were friends even though I saw him as a likeable rogue.

Loved his attitude to repos, you bought it so pay for it or give it back.

Bod this should never have happened. Rest in peace mate.

My heart melts with sadness for Bob Purdy...why, why why? Another innocent life whose blood is brutally spilled on PNG soil.

This is very sad for PNG in general with continued criminal activities very ripe and boiled over in our cities, towns and right down to village level. I am very ashamed....

This is why the death penalty should be introduced in the legally run down and corrupt system of PNG.

Animals involved in crimes like this should be punished and the death penalty is the only solution.

My heart goes to the family of Bob Purdy

I am terribly ashamed of this violent behaviour. I don’t know whether apologising or hiding my face from the Aussies is the right thing to do. So much for being friends.

It seems we keep taking two steps backwards for every forward step we take in the "promoting PNG" stakes.

Violence in the highlands is getting out of hand and is getting increasingly gruesome and something must be done about it.

I think we should start an awards scheme to honour the most peaceful/liveable/likeable place in PNG and a contra award for the opposite. Mt Hagen would score first for the latter.

What a disgrace is this? Inhuman act not by people but animals. This kind of act is condemned.

Money is in cultivating the ground and sweating the guts out. You cannot live on robbery for the rest of your life.

Really sad to learn this story.

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