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05 March 2013


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Wow! What a fascinating read that link ( provided. Ultimately, that US bloke Bundy convinced Kennedy, Rusk and the US to ditch the West Papuans in favour of Indonesia while ignoring the UN responsibility to have a vote of self determination. The deal was supposedly to try and provide leverage on Indonesia and distance it from Communist influence by 'giving' it West Papua.

Of course there was no conflict of interest in this matter. Bundy's direct link direct with Freeport was purely coincidence.

I wonder what the West Papuans would say to the US if they ever had a chance?

Interesting conjecture about there still being a role for a UN sponsored vote. That appears to have about as much chance under the present climate as a snow flake in hell unless the current contest for influence in the South Asian region suddenly goes pear shaped.

When you really find out what happens behind the scenes (after 50 years) it makes you doubt whether any national diplomacy ultimately has any reasonable ethics at all?

As some Africans are won't to say: 'When elephants make love, the grass gets trampled'.

The Sundra Straits argument by Paul Oates is a fair comment, but none the less both the US and the UN have a lot invested in their claims of respecting the rule of law - not withstanding the dubious US definition of law sometimes.

The issue that has recently come to light is that it appears that West Papua is UN trust territory as well as a non-self-governing territory.

It was not the Security Council that sent UN troops to occupy West Papua in 1962, it was the General Assembly which made resolution 1752 (XVII). See the argument at

I believe Indonesia did not submit to demands by foreign human rights advocates to allow East Timor its right of a UN recognised act of self-determination; but Indonesia submitted to the Conoco-Philips (oil company) decision to befriend the Timorese instead of depending on the Indonesian claim to the colony after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) explained in 1995 that East Timor was still a non-self-governing territory entitled to self-determination; and then Norway awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Belo and Horta in '96.

So long as Australian and other corrupt politicians alleged Indonesia held sovereignty of East Timor, the people were going to remain under Indonesian rule.

But once the ICJ made it impossible for the business partners of Jakarta to maintain the fiction, the decolonization process was able to resume..

I am hoping that the Trusteeship question will bring the global spotlight back onto the rights of West Papua and end the tyranny of Indonesian colonial rule

It would be highly unlikely for the US to ever raise the question of West Papua while ever the imperative of free passage through the Malacca or Sundra Straits is required for it's concept of global security. Add that to the Freeport mine and the scales tip inevitably in favour of a status quo.

My understanding is that the Dutch (actually the Netherlands) grated Self Government/Independence to West Papua and that this was the initiator of Sukano's decision to invade. I can remember at the time, Australia looked like going to war over Indonesian incursions into PNG. Not long before we had previously defended Malaysia against Indonesia but some people seem to forget history don't they?

It was only after the US tipped the Indonesians off that they would be supported that everyone else had to back down. The same situation occurred with Timor when Whitlam acceded to Indonesian pressure, (although he claimed many years later he was misinterpreted?) It was only pressure from Howard on Habibe that caused the vote to be taken and we then defended Timor against Indonesian attack. The fact that the people of Timor seemed to swap a Bahasa overload for one of a Portuguese speaking one is something many Australians don't seem to know anything about. Still the blissful ignorance about PNG is another example of how molly coddled our nation appears to have become.

The problem that must be addressed and settled is one of culture. Indonesian can never accept the loss of it's territory without a loss of face, irrespective of the rights and wrongs of history. Until a way around that can be found, the current impasse will continue.

The UN as everyone knows is a 'paper tiger'. Papuan solidarity would do better to work with Indonesia than to publically rail against them. Look at the friendly relations that Timor now works at with the Indonesians.

The problem is that the mineral resources of West Papua are now known and that creates a big impediment to any future change of sovereignty.

The time is always right to do what is right- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes! It is time!
Don't give up.

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