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25 March 2013


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I think you know who I am referring to Paul. Mr Koim and the Sweep team know this. Maybe I am the first one raising the matter.

We would all appreciate if Mr Koim can throw some light on those MPs cases to clear the dark clouds. Over to Mr Koim and TFS.

Francis, has anyone specifically raised these concerns with Mr Koim and received a response?

There are certain MPs who were being vigorously pursued by the Task Force Sweep as villains when they were on the opposite side in the previous House and now seem to be saints enjoying ministerial privileges when they joined the regime (current) that instituted TFS all in the name of impartiality and justice.

This is PNG the land of corruption a way of life.

Thumbs up Sam. Millions of Papua New Guineans are with you to eradicate bad practices by few individuals who have nothing but self interest.

I recall reading Mr Koim's comments and I share his sentiments.

I sincerely hope we ourselves and those people who work together with Sam, do more than pray for him.

Faith is demonstrated by action.

Being a creation of the executive government, I guess Mr Koim knows a thing or two about what he is talking about.

Let us hope the good wins over the baddies in his personal quest to stay above it all.

However, like Apostle Paul once wrote, "The good I want to do seems to slip from my hand, Alas! Iam doomed! I find a different law at work in me! Who can save me? Blessed be unto God!" (paraphrased version).

We all need God. But perhaps Sam Koim more than most. We need to pray for Sam.

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