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30 March 2013


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Keith, I think, sorry, tink, the abbreviated pages are your best tink. They'd be even better if each one could have a single button to press to return to the main page.

On my iMac, I have to run the cursor all the way up to the back arrow to achieve that. Or maybe there's a keyboard short cut I don't know about?

Unfortunately Typepad doesn't offer such convenience. Simply clicking on the Back arrow seems to be the quickest way to get back to the main page. Other suggestions welcome - KJ

I like the Twitter feed.

Keep going Keith!

Keith - Apart from the history I learned from geography and political classes in school, my understanding of my beloved country got sharpened and became more crystal clear by learning from the contributors of PNG Attitude.

They have done a magnificent job.

To that end, I felt the Archive can be stored (online) in PNG as local content where our youngsters can reach them quite easily.

I will keep in touch with you on how this can be done.

If it can be shared, I am happy - KJ

Thanks Keith. Great changes to my favourite site, PNG Attitude.

I have been counting those inksterations, Keith. The total is tinksty-tix.

Dear Attitude readers - In my playful attempt to out-ting our editor, I have out-twitted myself!

My tweet 'ting ting e buggerup tru' conveys a negative response, when in fact I believe the tweeking of the site has been particularly successful.

The story abbreviation in particular makes the site quick to survey and therefore more user friendly.

So next time I might need to tink before I tweek!

To tink is to tweek
To tweek is to change
To change is subjective
So tink tink again!

Thanks Keith, the twitter tinking has been a welcome addition.

Any chance for a mirror achieve server somewhere in PNG?
Will look up some data centers here. The internet link into PNG major towns like Port Moresby, Lae, Madang is very good and others to follow suit.

You're punching above my technical weight, Corney, so any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated - KJ

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