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25 March 2013


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Thank you Barbara! Thank you!

Hi Barb, after all these years I have finally caught up with you. I loved reading about your experiences in PNG, particularly at Brandi High School (ESP).

For me they were great years Barb, and your writing has brought them alive for me.

While you were down at the girls' school working wonders, I was back at the main school involved with extra-curricular duties with the boys: sports, cadets and night study.

The teaching staff at Brandi were a very dedicated group and the students were always appreciative.

After Naomi and I returned from Oxford in 1975, I taught at Bugandi High (Morobe) and then later at Kila Kila (NCP). In 1985 Naomi and I went to Canada where we both completed doctorates. I am now retired in Perth, W.A.

I had heard that you were now residing somewhere in Brisbane but had no way of contacting you. I have met many ex-PNG students of mine in my travels in Aust. and o/s.

Best wishes to you Barb.

Such a full life.

I have got to know you via PNG Attitude between 2012 and 2013 and have always looked forward to your words of encouragement - so it is nice to hear your story - condensed, but full of life and vitality.

God helps those who help themselves and others and you have done just that. May God continue to look on you with favor. Wishing you good health and many blessings.


Francis, I enjoyed teaching in PNG. The students were wonderful to teach and so keen to learn compared to many Aussie kids.

I may have helped a few but I was amazed at how bright the students were and how well they coped with the courses that we produced.

Sadly, some of them, my dear friends, have already died. But I know so many of them have done a very good job under difficult conditions.

Wonderful life story, Barbara. Surely you are one of those great architects who built the brains that are building this nation. God bless.

Love to hear your life story, Maureen!

Yes, family are very important to us no matter what country we come from.

Over the last few years I've produced two large books on Family History - one on my father's side of the family and one on my mother's side. Many people contributed.

The books have become a wonderful resource for future generations of many families and tell of the convict system, the Gold Rush, the World Wars and the general growth of Australia.

Anyone who puts aside his/her dream (life) to go look after his/her parent(s) is a true person in mind, body and soul.

I've walked that road until my folks and extended folks released me with their blessing and of His to go follow my dream.

What depth is there when the hand that fed is not in the picture?

You're a happy person with a great energy (can't sing without energy)!

Thanks for sharing your life especially with our TPNG and then PNG.

Oh happy day (oh happy day!),
Oh happy da-a-ay...!

Barbara, what a wonderful story you have shared in the article.

Thank you so much for having such a good heart to help PNG in developing the lives of your students in Wewak and also to promote the culture of PNG which contributes to the nation.

May the God Lord bless you and your family.

Brilliant life's journey with so much.

Barbara, many a times, you have being a puzzle to me reading your comments in our articles. But this story as solved my wonders.

Good one.

Gutpla nait lo yupla from LFR.

Wow, Barbara Short, you have a great family and educational background.

I am sure your service here in PNG was much appreciated by your ex-students, friends and the communities you helped to contribute to the development of this nation.

Good luck in your wonderful life. I hope you are still in good health and able to proceed to other plans and journeys.

A very good analysis there. Barbara Short is a very good person who has the heart to help PNG in developing the lives of her students.

And she also promotes the culture of PNG as she did traditional choir practice with her students at Wewak.

Barbara, what a wonderful story and what a wonderful life you have lived.

Have missed you these past weeks but now know you have been holidaying and travelling. Was imagining something different.

So good to have you back and now I understand better how you can contribute meaningfully to so many different articles on attitude with your experience in PNG.

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