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27 March 2013


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Hi Keith, sorry no offence meant.

I had thought young Ben should gain an insight into both sides of Port Moresby lifestyles.

Who knows one day young Jackson might be in the position of influence and he might make a difference in the misery of seemingly forgotten human beings out there just on the other side of the mighty Haus Tambaran.

And certainly no offence taken, Francis. I was too stupid to realise you were being metaphorical. Ben will be introduced to how the other half lives in Moresby by no less a figure than Martyn Namorong, who has promised a no holds barred tour! - KJ

Welcome to PNG, Ben. Have a nice time and make sure you visit Baruni too.

What's the Baruni connection, Francis? - KJ

Ben - I totally support the words of Murray. Your Dad has taught you well. Pity about your love of soccer, eh?

Yep,I do remember my overnight stay at the Jackson high rise and waking at about 4.00am to some noise in the next bedroom.

So up I got, Detective Inspector Colin, and knocked on the door, there you were after a night on the town watching some European soccer match! Looking in some disarray from the evenings activities.

You did not appear for your mother's delightful breakfast! Your Mum, Ingrid, is a very good cook. I presume you have noticed that?

I look forward to your reports, and I hope, most earnestly not all coming from the PM Crowne Plaza establishment.
Just if time/money permits visit villages and report from those, seemingly forgotten places, aid posts, schools, reports on roads, hospitals etc.

I look forward to reports. All in your hands now.

Ben - Best wishes in renewing the Jackson family ties with PNG during your forthcoming visit.

I know you have the same fire in your belly that your dad and I had back in 1963, when we received our first teacher postings in what was then the Eastern Highlands District.

Much has changed in the intervening years and you will have the privilege of meeting and establishing friendships with members of the 'Attitude' family, who are several generations removed from those young people we taught way back then.

I must admit to a little envy as you set off on your new adventure and I know that you will be captivated by the country and its people. I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Hi Corney - Tok Pisin blong yu kam gut stret. Em bats blong mi kam long Sidni.

Yumi koinskoins na stori liklik wantaim em. Em olsem gutpla pasin.

Ben,Thanks for your plan to visit Papua New Guinea - the country your dad has a passion for and has been championing for many years.

My wife and I view you and Keith as Australian Ambassadors with that human touch - the stuff that any solid relationship hangs on and historians the world over feast on.

To be frank, my eyes welled up with tears when I saw Martyn and your photo in front of Australia's iconic Sydney Opera House.

I got a lot of positive vibes just by seeing that picture (the same picture in PNG Attitude today).

Maybe I read too much into pictures, because in my current role as a Corporate Sales Executive, salient and little unspoken gestures matter a big deal in closing sales leads and losing opportunities.

The deep human relationships is the kind of spirit that Keith, Barbara and many other passionate Australians would want our countries to forge and create in the highly competitive geo-political landscape for meaningful and lasting friendships.

We'll have more time to talk more when you meet us for dinner.

Welcome to PNG, Ben. Hope many Attituders in Port Moresby will have a chance to meet this man.

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