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28 March 2013


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Thanks Phil - Once a writer is gone, it is only his private style of writing, that can earn him attention and not the uniformity of 'peace for the reader' style.

If Bougainville's Leonard Fong Roka has a writing style that is 'raw and edgy', then let it be Leonard Fong Roka and nobody else.

Ishmael, thank you for your support of Leonard.

I agree with Phil, Leonard should not be asked to change his tone or style of writing. His freedom to write must not be restrained by anyone, including his own people.

Leonard will continue to grow as a writer and has the ability to go to places where others may fear to tread.

What exists beyond that fearful place?

I think Leonard will find out.

As a colleague poet I look forward to the years we have ahead of us. And I hope that comments such as yours do not attempt to create a division. That would be sad, again, for everyone.

More power to you LFR.

(Oh, and Phil, about your metaphor, 'no one appreciates egg shells in their omelette'.)

Message to Leonard Fong Roka.

Don't change a thing about your writing.

Remember everyone - 'you have to break eggs to make an omelette' - and Leonard excels in the art.

And he's also a very, very good writer.

Michael Dom and Keith Jackson, this is 'shaming and naming' you have done on a Bougainvillean.

I saw this on the comment of one of his poems. Why then it entered again as an article?

If you meant this piece for the public it should have being re-worded to suit the general public.

But this is 'solely a personal word between you, Dom and Fong' and not the PNG Attitude readership.

Is it democratic to impose your views on others? I believe we still have freedom of expression with PNG Attitude.

Fong's ways of expression are his! Beside the Bougainville conflict is not a myth thus it needs to be told off and the Fong frees his mind.

With Fong, we as Bougainvillean youths, see our voice out there.

Thus, suppressing him is belittling us Bougainvilleans! During the crisis nobody, spoke for us, so when we are speaking, why suppress us?

All comments are, of course, available to the public. And it has been our long practice to republish the best of them as articles. LFR is a great friend of Michael and me, and we do not believe we 'shamed' him. Ishmael is, of course, is entitled to his views and I thank him for expressing them here - KJ

Yeah Michael, his experiencs and emotions override him to consider what are the later effects of his writings.

It's good to be ethical and moral in writing coz it may be offensive to others.

He is good in writing and I hope your poem will help him to change his tone in writing.

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