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26 February 2013


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I am ashamed of hearing about highly educated people involved in such a criminal activity. Shame on you guys. What are you guys trying to prove to us Papua New Guineans?

There are lots of highly educated people like you guys. Terminate all those involved in this criminal activity and employ new ones.

Lots of university graduates are roaming the streets looking for jobs. Don't give chances to those people. Just send them home and give priority to the new ones who are young and vibrant. I think by doing that we are going to improve.

A sad case for one of the country's biggest accounting schools. When will this stupidity come to an end?

More power to the police. Holimpasim ol na mekim save long ol wanwan.

Bloody appalling that such a mischief could even be allowed to occur in one of our highest institutions of learning and nurturing of the human mind.

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