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17 January 2013


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Wow! I enjoyed my almost two months data collection in late 2014 with the KomKui people, namely Pastor John Bakri and Councillor John Nor.

This was what I had to say about the place and people, "I have seen true Hageners and how well they keep their land".

And, little did I know that 'The KomKui' was written. I am looking forward to a good read.

Thank you, for capturing these great people's history, Brother Pat Howley!

On behalf of all the young vibrant komkuis and the future generation of this great community, I would like to take this time and opportunity to sincerely thank and express our gratitude to Br Pat and team for their tireless effort in compiling this great book about the history of this great community.

It is indeed a living testimony that will remain in us forever and the history will pass on as a legacy to the next generation to come.

It wouldn't have been achieved without the support of these great honourable people like Chief Andrew Dokta and Pius Tikili together with the founding fathers (the greatest warriors in history).

Once again, thank you all for your tireless effort in impacting and bring the community to this far. I salute you all, our founding fathers, because you are the foundation rock of this blessed community. You will be rewarded one day for your great efforts in the transformation of our lives.

I'm feeling honoured and blessed to be Komkui. Angmam oh nanga andakua kilk, eman pora numan ngund.

Thank you Br Pat for the tireless effort for compiling this special book about two tribes ( Komonaka and Kwipi)Komkui.This book potrays indepth meaning of peace that was exhabited by this above tribe for the other 800 tribes of Papua New Guinea to follow. As a proud son of Komkui tribe,I salute you for the job well done. Ange mum....... by Amos Paraka Wup

Brother Pat, on be half of the younger generations of Komkui, I would like to thank you and your team for a job well done to document in paper the history of the communit and what our grand fathers did to maintain peace amongs their neighbouring tribes and in making a covenant with God to put God first in everything and do away with enimity and hatred feelings with other waring tribes. Truely, without the Catholic Church it would not have eventuated, thankyou so much to God and the Catholic church leaders at that time namely Fr. William Ross and his associates, for officiating this historic program in 1980, which will impact generations to come

Firstly I would like to congratulate Brother Pat Howley and his associates for spending their precious time and tireless efforts in drafting the tribes' history and eventually printing it in black and white.

Secondly, and most importantly, I salute the Moke Komunka and Moke Kwipi tribes under the leadership of these two great leaders Pius Tikili and Andrew Dokta for coming together and settling their differences and making this important covernant with God.

It was this covenant that brought huge blessings into your God fearing community, like the six storey building in the heart of Mt Hagen bearing the tribes own name 'Komkui Building'.

The community is going to see great blessings from the Lord if only it continues to abide with the Lord and the covenant that it has made.

The book is among the few on tribes, history and socio-economic transformation of the Western Highlands Province.

Cheers, Br Pat! As being part of the research team, I am proud of its publication.

The tang and bun lunch in Mt Hagen, the fun with all the oldies of KomKui and most importantly, I had to drive you carefully from Madang to Hagen ensuring that no bones rattle for a 82+ yo.

Yes, you have lived on to see this book as I watched on. I shall continue to read more....

Bravo, Br Pat!

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