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19 November 2012


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I am a teacher, and I am not yet married, but who knows one day I can also meet a fellow educator that can be my future partner in life. But in some cases there are educators especially woman who prefer to be single forever and choose to marry her profession as a teacher.

We were probably underpaid considering the hours we worked. Being on call for medical emergencies etc.

Our supplies not getting through due to road washaways made life interesting and exciting. What a great time to be in PNG.

My parents are educators too! They met also while in the profession. There, they started their love story until they got married.

Now, two of their children are teachers too. They follow the steps in the field of education.

Long live educators!

Phil - "Well paid' was not in the original text.

I could not have cared less about my pay. It was sufficient for a single man.

Going by memory the E Course Teacher's salary was marginally less than my pay as a Prison Officer in South Australia. In 1964 I was where I wanted to be.

Comparing like with like, Australians in TPNG were considerably better paid than their Australian counterparts. Entry level teachers, for example, were at least 50% better off. We earned it, too: worked hard, played hard - KJ

Well said, Bernie! My wife (a former indigenous lass!) and I have been together for 46 years and obviously we have not regretted the decisions we made all those years ago.

It was difficult at times but we had many good friends who stood by us! Nice to hear from you Bernie!

I would take issue with one point Bernard. That is that the "young bachelors" were well paid. Maybe chalkies made more money than kiaps.

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