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20 October 2012


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It is better to say that Australia has closed it ears on the issue. There is something we could do, and that is someone has to be the best friend of Indonesian President and convince him. I believe one day West Papua will gain independence. Though I am a Papua New Guinean, I believe that Melanesians are obligued to help other Melanesians. The time is now..

Australia is to have a seat on the UN Security Council so maybe it is now time for representatives of the indigenous peoples of West Papua to approach the Australian government and ask their representative to speak out for them at the UN.

Evidently Australia is supposed to be bringing matters from the Asia-Pacific region to this council.

This problem in West Papua sounds like a clash of cultures and the attempted take-over of lands by an Asian race from an indigenous race, who are similar to the peoples of PNG.

Robin, how just is your cry, but alas, how few hear you!
It's a great pity Australia doesn't listen to the Melanesians from West Papua, and forget other pragmatic geopolitical considerations that are of so little worth!

Deus vobiscum -- God be with you!

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