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01 October 2012


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It came as a shock when i learned that Chronox had passed away. He is not only PNG's loss but the regions' loss as well.

Nice chap. Me and Chronox went to Bugandi High school togther in the late 70's, we were classmates. Always had a joke to tell.

Sometimes I used to take him home to my place at 4 Mile outside Lae to have a feed and walk him back to school as he was a boarder at Bugandi.

He used to love my mum because she was kind to him.

Recently my mum passed on and now Chronox, or Dopeke as he was known at Bugandi. So long my bro. Life is short and cruel.

To this reader of news reports from PNG, Chief Ombudsman Mr Chronox Manek exhibited, exuded and exemplified leadership in ideal, integrity and illustriousness for his nation and fellow compatriots.

Let mourning for his family and his nation give rise to a call to young men and women of PNG, to accept and to embrace the sacrifice that is their opportunity to serve folk of their country, in such spirit as has Mr Chronox Manek.

A true leader and a humble person. I will miss you brother.

This is very sad news.

Within months of the attempt on his life, Mr. Manek kindly agreed to join us in Brisbane when the University of Queensland hosted the UN's global World Press Freedom Day event on 3 May 2010.

The theme of the conference was "Freedom of Information: the Right to Know" and, as UQ's Convenor of this international activity, I sought to bring many key people from the Pacific to Australia to provide an insight into the challenges they faced in going about their daily work.

We were absolutely delighted when Mr Manek, then Chief Ombudsman of Papua New Guinea, accepted our invitation to speak to the full conference. At the time, he was still recovering from the wounds he received when shot by the assailant.

Mr Manek brought an air of dignity and commitment to our symposium. His bravery in speaking against corruption and in favour of transparency in the democracy that is Papua New Guinea will stand as testament to his good work.

His country has lost a true friend and patriot.

Vale Mr Chronox Manek.

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