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15 October 2012


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Phil Fitzpatrick

In my time working for both state and federal governments in Australia I've had a number of female bosses, ranging from branch managers, departmental CEOs and ministers.

Thinking about them I can't recall that any of them were particularly better or worse than their male counterparts. In fact, many of the high flying females were decidedly worse than the men.

A classic case was the female CEO who wouldn't employ young women because they would 'invariably' go off and get pregnant.

Positive discrimation for women is slowly creeping into PNG however. The recent amendments to the Land Group Incorporation Act which came into force in March, for instance, requires that the executive of every new ILG must have two female members.

If that's the case in that sector there's no reason why it can't be the same in parliament.

Warwick Brandes

Hear, hear, Chalapi. A very dangerous mad monk that budgie smuggling Abbott.

Chalapi Pomat

And may I also add his best and ignorant mate Alan Jones who thinks “women are destroying the joint … “

Honestly. Enough said.

John Fowke

Dear me! Facebook reverberates every second, doesn't it! Handbaggers rampant!

Don't worry, Martyn, your pearls are appreciated by most for the truths expressed - sorry about the pigs.

Samuel Roth

Tony Abbott is it? No comments. But cheers to Martyn.

Chalapi Pomat

Martyn, it is great to reading your as always insightful writing again. I enjoy reading your work. I am looking forward to your next one.

Your story today reminds me of a guy here who runs the opposition and wants to be the prime minister of Australia so badly that he thinks he one of the ways to get it is by using force & intimidation and shaming his womenfolk who get in his way.

It will be a sad day for Australia if he becomes the PM.

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