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10 September 2012


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Leonard Roka

Congratulation Sil!

I know I will get a copy for me.

Bernard Yegiora

I guess that the toast and clinking of wine glasses at the Australian High Commission on Tuesday evening (at the Crocodile Prize function) expressed my commendation and the beginning of a new friendship.

Sil Bolkin

Thank you all for your compliments. The publisher and I will get the details out on when we will launch and where copies can be found in PNG soon.

Barry Creedy

Hi Sil, At long last published - congratulations. I further admire your determination over a number of years in pursuing its execution. Have pre-ordered a copy.

Michael Dom

Well done brother!

Nick Piakal

Angra Sil, I am so proud of you and this achievement. Keep going on.
PS: Where can I get a copy around here? Uni Bookshop?

Corney K. Alone

You have done your Galkope people and the PNG proud.
Excellent. Keep writing!

Peter Kranz

Angra Sil - wakai wei!

Can't wait to get my copy.

Order it people and support a very talented Simbu writer.

Brown Bolzy Gari

Sil - We the Galkopes are thankful and proud that our humble and rich history has been spelt out by a Galkope son.

You have correctly spelt our past and have made us proud to move to the next heights in our Galkopes of the diaspora history. Thank you tru.

Jeff Febi

Congratulations Sil. Brother, your efforts have been rewarded with the soon to be released book of yours. I say congrats again.

Oh I feel a flame, reignited, hope it will glow brighter and reveal all that are collecting dust...rise all ye that are in slumber.

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