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Stella celebrates beauty of the Melanesian lifestyle


Stella magazine coverA NEW BI-MONTHLY WOMEN’S MAGAZINE, bringing together words and images from the best creative minds in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, will launch in Port Moresby on Thursday.

Stella magazine will initially be distributed in Port Moresby and Kimbe, later circulating in other parts of Papua New Guinea.

The magazine was founded to provide a creative outlet for contemporary writers, poets, artists, illustrators, and photographers in the region.

Stella is a celebration of the unique Pacific lifestyle, covering Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia.

The publisher, Pacific Pencil, says Stella will offer readers a blend of short and long features that together form a collection of insights of what Pacific women are achieving across the region.

The first issue features candid interviews with political candidate Jennifer Baing and Samoan fiction writer Lani Wendt-Young.

The large-format, full-colour publication will include regular features covering funky fashion and practical products, experimentation with second hand fashion, current law, finance, technology and business trends and travel stories from a Pacific perspective.

Stella will also have an online component, an electronic newsletter and be active in social networking.

The launch event will be held at 10.30 am on Thursday at Star News Link, Vision City in Port Moresby to coincide with the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.

You can purchase Stella at UPNG Bookshop, Theodist Waigani, Star News Link Vision City, Holiday Inn Waigani, Trophy Haus Boroko, and K-Mart Kimbe West New Britain for K9.95


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Fiona Hukula

Great initiative Pacific Pencil! I love Lani Wendt-Young's work.

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