MPs of the new parliament: Madang Province
MPs of the new parliament: National Capital District

MPs of the new parliament: members of the Enga Province


The information in this series is derived from public sources and, in some cases, may not be accurate. We invite readers to offer corrections and additional material by contacting the editor here.


Peter IpatasPeter Ipatas (Enga, People’s Party) has served as a politician for three terms in the national Parliament and 19 years as provincial governor. He has written: “To many I am known as ‘Action Governor’ a nickname I am very much honoured to be called. My greatest achievement as a politician has been to champion free and quality education”. In 2009 he offended prime minister Somare by questioning why millions of kina were being diverted from provincial governments and going instead to committees that were essentially political pork barreling mechanisms. Last month he savagely criticised the conduct of the election and call on the Electoral Commission to follow up on corrupt practices and address them. Somewhat unusually in PNG for a politician of his longevity, his career has been free of scandal.

Don PolyeDon Polye (Kandep, leader Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party), first elected in 2002, was briefly deputy prime minister from July to December 2010 and has been Foreign Minister and Finance Minister, a position O'Neill relieved him of last February citing "the continuing lack of ability by the department and ministry of finance to contain expenditure overruns outside of the budget appropriations". However he retained the Treasury portfolio, and gained that of Border Development. O'Neill hinted that the finance ministry would eventually be returned to him.

John PundariJohn Pundari (Kompiam-Ambum, People's Party) has been in parliament for 15 years and is Mining Minister. Mr Pundari has been criticised for spending too much time on business activities in Port Moresby and there have been claims of vote rigging in his seat. He was a strong supporter of the Solwara 1 undersea mine which has since run in to trouble with the government.

Nixon Koeka Mangape (Lagaiap-Porgera, Independent) is a major landowner, a partner in Barrack Gold and chairman of the Porgera Development Authority, which is credited with bringing significant infrastructure development to the area. He created some controversy in October last year by paying for a full-page paid advertisement in The National bragging about  the benefits he Authority had brought to the region. NP

Robert GanimRobert Sandan Ganim (Wabag, Independent) had the distinction of defeating one time acting prime minister Sam Abal. He is a former correctional services inspector who became a secondary school teacher after graduating from the University of Papua New Guinea. Most recently he was assistant secretary for education in Enga Province and was one of the key players in executing the successful free education policy of Enga Governor Peter Ipatas.

Rimbink PatoRimbink Pato (Wapenamanda, United Party) is a colourful lawyer and property investor who has won a seat after a number of attempts. In 2000 the PNG Ombudsman Commission said Pato Lawyers had an alleged conflict of interest by acting for both a vendor (Katingo Pty Ltd) and a buyer (Public Officers Superannuation Fund) in a transaction. It described the arrangement by Pato Lawyers as "dangerous and wrong" and alleged it had given "incorrect advice." It also recommended that the law firm should not act for the State, any government department or other government body, for a period of five years.


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F P Carillo

Ladies and gents, happy new year.

Engan Leaders are very vibrant and visionary, however, it is the very evil in the form of jealousy, hunger for power & wealth and other flaws which suppress the growth of the province.

Enga now needs true leaders with a genuine purpose and spirit to serve to best interest of the people of Enga, including no polygamy for leaders - a one wife policy.

A Kambao

Enga always produces the most powerful patriotic leaders of this nation but her sons are not united.

The PM post should have come to Enga a long time ago but has not because of the disunity of our leaders playing colonial leadership where no one wants to fit in someone else's shoe.

Can we change the attitudes of our leaders and permanently weed out colonial attitude?

Gidron Maso

God bless Enga.

Joe Wasia

Enga has produced some vibrant leaders for this nation. And Hon Don Polye is a good example. He has great leadership qualities.

Leadership is not just about being the “big man” in the eyes of the public but also being able to humble oneself when it is required to do so.

Don Polye, is an honorable man indeed in his latest act of humility to give place to another honorable man, Leo Dion who is now the Deputy Prime Minister.

I believe Don Polye will continue to play his vital roles in PNG politics for many terms to come as he has the right spirit.

We must all remember that pride comes before the fall but the right character exalts a person.

Keep it up Polye.

Joe Wasia

It is an achievement for the people of Wapenamanda that their new MP but the old dog in the PNG's constitutional and government system, Hon Rimbink Pato was offered the Foreign Affairs & Immigration, one of the senior ministerial portfolios in the country..! We believe he will give the best to the people of Wapenamanda and the nation..!

Joe Wasia

Congratulations honourable MPs from Enga.

Thank God. The Enga Province now has some great leaders whom we believe will deliver to the people of Enga. They, we believe, will also be influential at the national political arena.

Before their appearances in the political arena we used to have only Hon Don Polye, Governor Peter Ipatas and Sam Abal who were very influential. But from this election the province has six vibrant leaders from the regional and its five open electorates.

I also pay tribute to the former Wabag MP Sam Abal. He was an honest and transparent leader who brought many infrastructure services to his electorate. The people of Wabag will miss him. We believe new MP Robert Gamin will continue from where he left.

Stand together and take this province to the next level. United we stand divided we fall.

Joe Wasia

Thank God. Enga has now six great leaders from all its five districts and the provincial seat. Wish you all the best in your leadership. We are proud of you.

They must unite to take Enga to the next level.

Joycelin Leahy

Hi Keith - that is not a picture of John Pundari.


I dont think thats John Pundaris pic you have against his profile. you can find one of his pictures here:

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