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Julie Soso, women’s advocate, elected to parliament


Julie SosoA THIRD WOMAN HAS BEEN ELECTED to the PNG parliament in one of the biggest boilovers of the 2012 national election.

Julie Soso, standing for the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party, is a prominent community leader in the Eastern Highlands.

A former broadcaster, she is a women’s rights advocate , president of the Women’s Council and deputy chair of the Eastern Highlands AIDS council.

In an unexpected victory, she defeated political veteran Barry Holowe (Independent), who as a kiap was elected to PNG’s very first parliament, the House of Assembly, in 1964.

Contributor David Kitchnoge points out two major firsts: that Julie Soso is the first female parliamentarian to be elected in the Highlands and also the first woman governor ever.

The Eastern Highlands provincial seat was one of the last in PNG to be declared. There was a huge field of male candidates but Julie Soso, having obviously done her homework on the electoral calculus, managed to win after the allocation of preferences.

Ms Soso joins Loujaya Toni (Lae) and Delilah Gore (Sohe) in the national parliament. Her strength of character, career experience and commitment to rights issues singles her out as formidable ministerial material.

The appointment of one of the three elected women as a minister is now presenting itself as something of a test for prime minister Peter O’Neill.


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Manoah Karlo Kohe

Congratulations mother Julie Soso for our provincial victory.

Everything happens for a reason, there is no mistake. You are capable for the provincial seat and the timing is right mother.

I am with you in my prayers and God will extend your boundaries to serve the people of our beautiful province, EHP.

Mothers see things from the heart.

I am a very proud Eastern Highlander.

antonio kuso

congratulations to you Julie Soso on your victory. you have shown the nation that women can stand on their own feet to do what men is capable of.. trupla mama na trupla lida. and to you the people of EHP, you have done the right thing. thumps up for you.

Fiona Hukula

The National Newspaper quotes Julie Soso as saying
“I thank my family, especially my husband Akeke, for all the undivided support towards me.
“It takes a strong man to support his wife. Akeke, you are the best".

Congratulations Julie Soso and thanks to her husband Akeke, for his continued support.

Well done T.H.E party and Don Polye for endorsing two successful women candidates in the 2012 elections.

John Wali

Congratulation Julie Soso.
This makes 3 for PNG in this election. Also as others have mentioned, congratulation to the people of Eastern Highlands for electing the first woman governor. It shows maturity from the Apos. Finally congratulation to Don Polye and the policy THE Party has in Family unity.

So far so good.


You are a true mother and and a home manager.YOu have shown thru your managerial skils by winning the regional seat.
Iam sure you will manage your province well.
You made us proud mother....Iam sure all apos will be heads off for your victory.

J L Imona

Congratulation to the THE party and the people of EHP for showing confidence in supporting and electing a woman to our national parliment. I wish Ms Julie Soso all the best and God's blessing as you serve the people of Eastern Highlands and Papua New Guinea.

Rex Thomas

While echoing others have mentioned, I sincerely congratulation Ms Julie Solo with other two elect new Female MPs for their victory in the male domain game. On the same note I extend my warm felt congratulation to THEP and Hon Don Polye for producing two women leaders. Family Unit Policy has been provident. God bless you. Rex Thomas (Suva)


Congrats Julie, you proved against all odds. You are a beacon of hope for the womenfolk in the highlands.

Prove to the highlanders that you can also kill and distribute pig evenly. To the Nokondians - hold your heads high as you have come of age. Hats off to all EHP male voters.

To Don Polye, you are a true leader. God will reward you richly.

Joe Wasia

Hon Don Polye and his THE Party have brought home two women MPs this election. It's a great achievement for the party and the people of Papua New Guinea.

I also thank the former MP and minister for Community Affairs Dame Carol Kidu for her battle for women to be elected into male dominated parliament. Hear dream comes true.

Now, people of PNG wish to see O'Neil Government to appoint the ministerial portfolio left behind by Dame Kudu or any other portfolios to any of the three elected women MPs.

We believe women leaders will deliver because they have the heart for the family. They are simply bread winner!

Mark Gapi

Congratulations Julie - It's a big win for Eastern Highlands and PNG. Go go do your best.

Thank you THE Party and Don Polye for such confidence in Women.

You actually brough two home and shows you are a true champion. Also congratulations to Sohe and Goroka people.

Mrs Barbara Short

God be with you, Julie, as you take up this big challenge.

Jack Kepakali

Yes, Julie, congratulations on your win. Finally, a win by the womenfolk representative from the Highlands is certainly a eye opening one.

Joe Wasia

Big congratulations to governor elect for Eastern Highlands Julie Soso for her victory.

Also congratulations to the leader of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader and minister Don Polye for such a great achievement in this election.

The THE party has now two elected women MPs in the parliament and its the party with second largest number of MPs. Congratulations, Don Polye.

Roa Jude

Congratulation mother Julie! I am so proud to have another woman in the parliament. This country really needs a mother.

I reckon our people have now seen that this country needs a conversion in terms of enhancement. Women in
parliament is one way to achieve this.

David Kitchnoge

She’s got a few firsts to her name. First woman governor ever. And first female MP to come out of the highlands where stereotypes against women is probably the strongest in our country. Eastern Highlands men voters can hold their heads up high!!

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