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27 August 2012


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Flintstone Segeben

Well I heard the then Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare was so concerned with the Solomon Island's state sovereignty during the height of the RAMSI Mission that he was calling for an early exit strategy to that mission.

That really irked Downer and Howard who moved heaven and earth to destabilise the Sogavare government which they sucessful did! So much for good governance and state building.

So our brothers from ABG should think twice before they allow such foreign interventionism programs on their island.

If they really need such programs; in my opinion they should look first to their blood and kin. Blood is thicker than water....osem mi tok tasol!

Shallum Tabea

Okay gutpla avinun lo Yupala.

Shallum Tabea

This is a very good suggestion and alternative that can be considered when it comes to rebuilding the Autonomous Bougainville Region.
After the bloody civil war that cost 15-20 thousand lives, one tenth of the total population of North Solomon province at that time, the situation on the Island became very volatile place in terms of investor confidence and so on.
However, one cannot be surprised as it is the normal process that many countries in the world go through before they become independent sovereign nations. What Bougainville is going through is part and parcel of the same old history in many nations in Africa and the Asia Pacific region.
The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), as stated in this article, managed to restore back services and helped rebuilt the economy and provided security and accountability of good governance in the Solomon Islands.
In the case for Bougainville, it is not the same concern compared to the situation in the Solomon Islands but vary greatly. Bougainville issue is an issue of irredentism after a long of period subjection to exploitation and suppression.
We cannot deny the fact that we do have many social issues that continue to cripple the progress of good governance on Bougainville.
In most cases the cause of the lack of service delivery and good governance on Bougainville is the matter of politics, but the ear or

eye-sore we know is caused by small factions of opportunists or dissatisfied people because the leadership is too weak. That is, ABG leaders are wearing the Papua New Guinea shoes that all Bougainvilleans don’t like.
Mr. Sturm’s main concern is not the long term harmony and development of the people of Bougainville, as can be noted in the many articles he contributes in PNG Attitude, but he is so interested in past-tracking the re-opening of the Panguna mine which is still a controversial issue.
Let me give you a scenario: When you are outside of the building you can hardly see what’s going on inside the room of your house. You may have all kinds of imaginations and conclusions of your own. What’s going on inside can only be understood by those who are inside. Same thing applies to Bougainville, from outside of the region the Island is seen as a monstrous Island. But the fact can only be seen when one is inside the region.
At the moment the region is progressing well but the game of politics is between the National government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG). Peace and unity has already reached the region and I don’t think Bougainville needs such Special missions to drag the region back to square one.
The negative snail-pace of economic come-back, Mr. Sturm sees, is good for Bougainville as Bougainvilleans are having absolute control over their island future by taking ownership of every little development sprouting there. That is self-reliance in the making in a Bougainville way and not Sturm’s way.

Shallum Tabea

Well that's a good idea but Bougainvilleans are very unusual people. They really affect the political system of PNG.

But I don't think Bougainville needs such special missions to intervene because at the moment everything is going well and it is from the outside of the region that many people continue to fear the Island.

Alex Harris

Unfreaking believable.

Jean-Jacques Tire-Bouchon

Congratulations for your idea about a "RAMBO" on Bougainville Mr Sturm.

With your influence as President of the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper you should help to create such an initiative.

Your say: Stop toktok,actact now!! ;-))))

Russell B Soaba

If RAMSI has produced positive results in the Solomon Islands then I'm sure a similar program can work, not only in Bougainville but in all parts and at all levels of PNG.

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